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Arena Carbon Flex Technology

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2 months ago.
Hi I usually race sprint freestyle, a 100 and 200 breastroke, and 200 IM. I am wondering whether I should get a closed or open back?
2 months ago.
Hello Marey,
This really comes down to personal preference. A closed back suit has more compression than an open back suit. Some swimmers like the compression, while others do not.
JEm Austria
3 months ago.
Hi, I swim 50,100 butterfly, 100,200 freestyle and 200IM.
Which suit is best for me to swim with
3 months ago.
We suggest the Carbon Flex for short and intermediate distances.
7 months ago.
I am primarily a butterflier, is the carbon flex vx a good choice for me? I swwim the 50, 100, and 200 butterfly.
6 months ago.
Hi Bob!
Yes, the carbon flex offers flexibility as well as compression.
7 months ago.
I swim 50 Free,Breast,Fly,and ocassionaly 200 IM maybe 1 or 2 times.(But mostly Free,Back,and Breast.) Which one of theese would be the best for me? Another thing, what is the little tag on the back do?
7 months ago.
Hello Lexus,
We recommend the Carbon Flex for it's flexibility and compression. The tag on the back is a FINA approved tag. You would need a suit with this tag for any meet requiring FINA approved tech suits.
7 months ago.
Is there any difference between the Carbon Flex and the Carbon Flex VX and if so what is it?
7 months ago.
Hello Page!
The Carbon Flex VX is an upgraded version of the Carbon Flex. The following is directly from the product page detailing what is added with the VX:
-New X-Construction provides added flexibility in under arm opening, providing enhanced shoulder mobility, range of motion, and comfort.
-Relocated anchor points along mid-back provide optimum lift for upper and lower leg tension lines and enhance body position for maximum efficiency and drag reduction.
-V-Flex System eliminates lower leg side seams, delivering maximum flexibility and range of motion in the hips and glutes.
-Allows for unrestricted flexion and extension in all directions.
8 months ago.
I just bought the CarbonFlex pants, but it seems like they are still a bit wrinkled in the rear. However, in the front it is tight enough. Is this a problem or should I go for a smaller size?
8 months ago.
Hello Tristan,
If these appear loose in the rear we would suggest going down one size as these should fit tight for compression.
Luke Ngan
8 months ago.
Hello, I am preparing for a big meet. I'll be swimming the 200 meter breast, the 400 free, the 200 IM and the 400 IM. Which suit would you recommend for breast and IM? Thank you.
8 months ago.
Hello Luke,
The Carbon Flex is a better option for breaststroke/freestyle.
12 months ago.
I am a sprinter in every stroke. What suit would be the best option?
11 months ago.
Hi Ali,
The Carbon Flex VX is recommended for freestyle sprinter as a mid tier tech suit.
1 year ago.
Which closed back suit is best for sprint freestylers and backstrokers?
10 months ago.
Hi Gracie! All our suits are designed to work with all swimming styles, it all depends on the swimmer and how much compression you want in your suit.
Stephanie Shim
1 year ago.
Hello! I'm getting ready for an upcoming high school state meet, where I'll be swimming the 100 breaststroke. Which of your kneeskins would you recommend for breaststroke (so far, I'm leaning towards the Carbon Flex)
Thank you in advance!
11 months ago.
Hi Stephanie,
If you are looking for the top tier tech suit the Carbon Ultra would be best. If you are looking for a mid tier tech suit, the Carbon Flex or the Carbon Flex VX would be a good choice.
1 year ago.
Hi I am a backstroke and distance freestyler and was wondering wether the carbon flex vx or the carbon ultra would be a better suit for my races.
11 months ago.
Hello Alex,

I'd recommend the Carbon-Flex. It's best for breaststroke, backstroke and mid-long distance freestyle swimmers, as well as short course with its frequent turns.
1 year ago.
My best strokes are breastroke and sprint free. What would be the best suit for that?
1 year ago.
Hi Lauren, If you are looking for the top tier tech suit the Carbon Ultra would be best. If you are looking for a mid tier tech suit, the Carbon Flex or the Carbon Flex VX would be a good choice. The Flex VX is the updated version of the regular Flex (more flexibility, compression).
1 year ago.
My son is a freestyle sprinter, which suit would best work for him ? He is 6'7" and around 200 lbs
1 year ago.
Hi Stan,
The Carbon Flex VX is recommended for freestyle sprinter as a mid tier tech suit.
1 year ago.
If im a breaststroker and freestyle sprint, which one should i get? Carbon flex or Carbon pro?
1 year ago.
Hi Mauro, The Carbon Flex is a better option for breaststroke/freestyle sprint.
1 year ago.
Is there a difference between the carbon pro mark 2 and the limited edition?
1 year ago.
Hi Lukas,
The difference is really just the color selection. The limited edition offers a specific color normally not available.
1 year ago.
What is difference between Carbon Ultra and Carbon Flex VX?
1 year ago.
The Carbon Ultra provides new features such as the infinity-loop which is a specific design by Arena to keep a streamlined body position. Additionally, X-Pivot feature provides intelligent compression and support without limiting your freedom of movement. This means the carefully placed tapes form a brace that keeps your lower body and core muscles firm with support while allowing the upper body to rotate freely. Lastly, the ultra-compression panels provide additional compression on the inner side of suit to support and align key muscles with the direction of your movement. The Carbon Flex VX does not provide these features but still provides a great amount of flexibility so your movement will not be restricted with the V-Flex System and the power return system maximizes your efficiency, power, and speed.
1 year ago.
What is the difference between the carbon flex and the carbon flex vx. Also which is the best suit for me if I am a breaststroker and butterfly sprinter
1 year ago.
Hi Sydney, The Flex VX is the updated version. In the men's jammers, it features a higher waist (rise) and longer inseam which provides more coverage, compression, and comfort whereas the regular flex has a lower waist rise and shorter inseam but both still provide the v-flex system for max range of motion. The Flex VX is a good option as well as the new Carbon Ultra.
John Doe
1 year ago.
Which suit of the Carbon series from Pro, Flex, Air, and Ultra is the best for the following?

50 and 100 sprint freestyle and butterfly.
200 freestyle and butterfly.
400 freestyle and 800 freestyle.
And which suit is the best at repelling water?
1 year ago.
Hi John, The Carbon Ultra would be the best option and is also extremely water repellent.
1 year ago.
which suit is best for a butterfly/freestyle swimmer

the pro is all about power, but the flex guide says power AND flexibility so I am confused
1 year ago.
Hi Mike,
For a butterfly/freestyle swimmer, we recommend the Carbon Pro. The Carbon Pro and Flex both have the power return construction design meant for more powerful kicks and turns. The difference is that the Carbon Pro has the external seamless, two panel construction, with specifically placed seams in both the hips and thighs. This will help in providing the most power and speed. On the other hand, the Flex has the "V-Flex System" which has specific placement of the front and rear seams to provide you with the most range of motion. The placement of the seams is the bigger difference which gives you either better flexibility or more power. I hope this helped!
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