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How To Care for Your Swimwear

In this guide, we will discuss a handful of ways to care for and preserve the quality of your swimsuit.

Understanding the Difference Between Swim Resistance Gloves and Swim Paddles

This guide will help you understand the difference between swim resistance gloves and swim paddles

What Is Reef Safe Sunscreen?

What Is Reef Safe Sunscreen? This guide will explain the difference between "reef safe" sunscreen and standard sunscreen.

Must-have Sun Protection Gear for the Family

This guide will list out six must-have sun protection items for fun in the sun with your family.

The Difference Between Standard Swimming Goggles and Open Water Swimming Goggles

This guide will explain the key differences between standard swimming goggles and open water swimming goggles

Choosing a Women's Competition Swimsuit Back Style

This guide will explain the different types of women's back styles carried at ranging from minimalist to modest.

Choosing a Dive Computer

Read on to learn what they calculate, sought-after features, and how to choose a reliable dive computer.

Swim Essentials For Beginners

In this guide, we will share top swim essentials for swimmers who are just beginning.

The Difference Between a Training Suit and Technical Race Suit

So what is the difference between a typical training suit and a technical race suit? To put it simply: one is much faster than the other!

Three Easy Swim Workouts for Beginners

In this guide we will share a handful of easy, but substantial, workouts suited for beginner swimmers

The Ultimate Guide to Open Water Swim Essentials

Having the right gear is essential to having a great experience. Here are five essential items to get you started in open water swimming.

The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits of Swim Snorkels

This guide will educate you on the benefits, and purpose, of using a snorkel during a swim set. Hint: they're not just to observe sea life and underwater coral.

The Difference Between A Kick Pull & A Standard Kickboard

In this guide, we will quickly touch on the key differences between a traditional kickboard and a kick pull and the benefits of each.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Scuba Diving Wetsuit

Even in warm waters, scuba divers will want a wetsuit, though they may opt for a different cut than the full-body suit. Read on to find out how to choose the best scuba d

Everything You Need for Your First Baby & Me Swim Class

Some swim schools have a required gear list, but if you're winging it and don't know what to buy for your first Baby & Me swim class, here's some suggestions!

Five Health Benefits of Swimming

Here's a list of five great health benefits you get from swimming and why we think it's one of the best sports for your lifetime!

Three Key Things for Swim Recovery

In this guide, we will discuss three key things for swim recovery

The Definitive Guide to 2018 Fashion Swimwear

A definitive guide to 2018's top fashion swimwear trends.

The Ultimate Guide To Swim Training Accessories That Will Help To Improve Stroke Technique

In this guide, we will touch on the general benefits of specific swim training gear and how you can use different kinds of accessories to help improve your swimming

The Difference Between Short Swim Fins And Long Swim Fins

You've likely seen both short blade and long blade fins around your local pool deck, but what's the difference between the two? We hope to examine that here.

The Best Ways To Track Your Swim Workout

This guide is about the best practices, and best technique, that allow you to track and store your workout data when swimming.

Top 10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Wondering why you should jump in and try a Water Aerobics Class? Here is a list of the top ten reasons you should give it a try!

How To Protect Your Hair From The Chlorine

This guide explains best practices for how to protect your hair from the chlorine when swimming in the swimming pool.

SUPilates: Why You Need to Try It!

This guide describes the benefits to doing Pilates on a Stand-Up Paddleboard

Aqua Yoga Vs. Aqua Pilates: Which is Right For You?

This article describes the differences between Aqua Yoga and Aqua Pilates to help you determine which practice is right for your needs.