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Top 10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Wondering why you should jump in and try a Water Aerobics Class? Here is a list of the top ten reasons you should give it a try!

How To Protect Your Hair From The Chlorine

This guide explains best practices for how to protect your hair from the chlorine when swimming in the swimming pool.

SUPilates: Why You Need to Try It!

This guide describes the benefits to doing Pilates on a Stand-Up Paddleboard

Aqua Yoga Vs. Aqua Pilates: Which is Right For You?

This article describes the differences between Aqua Yoga and Aqua Pilates to help you determine which practice is right for your needs.

Five Essential Aqua Pilates Exercises

This guide offers 5 different beginner exercises for those just starting out their Aqua Pilates journey.

What is Aqua Pilates?

This article is a basic primer on Aqua Pilates

Five Essential Wetsuit Accessories

This article describes five wetsuit accessories essential to getting the most out of your wetsuit!

Common Misconceptions about Wetsuits

This article discusses some of the most common misconceptions out there regarding wetsuits.

Why's it Called a Wetsuit, Anyway?

This article explains how a wetsuit works.

How to Choose a Snorkeling Mask

This article describes the considerations to keep in mind when selecting a snorkeling mask.

Why You Need a Triathlon Wetsuit to be Competitive!

This article explains some of the advantages that wearing a triathlon wetsuit gives you over wearing a surf wetsuit during a triathlon.

Best Wetsuits for the Job!

This guide describes the kinds of wetsuits offers for specific water activities.

Why You Need a Wetsuit

This article provides some reasons why a wetsuit will be beneficial to you the next time you swim a triathlon.

Ordering Customized Swim Caps

This guide explains how to order customized swim caps through

Dryland Workouts for the High School Season

This guide offers some times for swimmers in high school looking to incorporate dryland workouts in their training.

How to Run a Successful Team Fitting

How to Put a Men's Tech Suit On

This guide walks you through the process of putting a Men's Tech Suit on.

Caring for Your Tech Suit

This guide offers some guidelines to ensure that your tech suit stays competition ready for as long as possible.

Introduction to Tech Suits

How to Care for Snorkeling Gear

This guide includes tips to help you keep your snorkeling gear in tip-top shape, all year round.

Best Training Gear to Improve Your Speed

This guide links to some swimming gear that will help you swim faster in the pool!

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Swimming?

This guide includes a chart to show how many calories you burn, on average, while swimming, based on data from

Swim Snorkeling Vs. Recreational Snorkeling

This guide describes the differences between swim snorkeling and recreational snorkeling.

How to Choose a Swimsuit for Your Swim Team: Tips and Tricks from Team Sales

Describes considerations and makes recommendations for ordering custom swimwear for your team!

Mastering Breaststroke's Arm Movements

This guide explains how to perform breaststroke's arm movements