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  • Where will we deliver next?

  • Watch as Jason Lezak and Emily Silver make a surprise delivery to a swim team!

  • Watch as Tony Azevedo makes a surprise delivery to a water polo team!

  • The first Olympians to appear for Team Gold: Matt Grevers, Ian Crocker, Garrett Weber-Gale, Maritza Correia, and Christin Magnuson make a surprise delivery to teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area!

  • Watch as Ryan Lochte makes a surprise delivery to a swim team!

Check out some of our Gold Medal Deliveries!

  • Lezak & Silver

  • Tony Azevedo

  • Matt Grevers +4

  • Ryan Lochte


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July 26, 12:44 PM
Awesome video! So inspiring to see such a HUGE team! LOVE to see all those swimmers!
July 26, 12:16 PM
I think Ian rocked that flatbed truck! Great job!
July 26, 12:33 PM
Ian Crocker
It was no Range Rover, but it was a sweet ride!
July 26, 12:57 PM
Mel Stewart
Crocker, you drove the flatbed on the delivery... "Let's go! We got a delivery to make!"
July 26, 13:13 PM
Crocker, we couldn't have done that delivery without your superb handling of that truck and pallet. That was one heavy pallet! Anyway, new delivery vehicles are on the way for TEAM GOLD! There's a V10 in one of them. ;) Stewart, when are you flying back to headquarters? Looks like we have more deliveries to make!
July 26, 13:17 PM
Mel Stewart
Turning this bird around now.

Over and out.
July 26, 13:30 PM
Roger that. Over and out.
July 26, 11:30 AM
Sweet! A Texas size thank you to Swim Outlet! Team Gold could have a future (after swim) in film, for sure!! We had a great time and were inspired by athletes. Many thanks!!
July 26, 11:23 AM
Metro Swim Chick
I love the video! It was the best Saturday practice ever - what a thrill to swim with Matt, Ian, Christina, Maritza & Garrett!!!! A big thanks to Swim Outlet for not only sponsoring the event but all the goodies! Good luck at Fina World Champs in China!
July 26, 11:51 AM
Ian Crocker
Hopefully, all you swimmers saw that we're normal people, just like you. And, like you, when we put on our swim suits, goggles and caps, we can make great things happen!
July 26, 11:15 AM
Dawn blue
Absolutely a wonderful experience for Metroplex Aquatics! Is was inspirational on so many levels. The athletes were very gracious and interactive with our swimmers. I have 2 swimmers on Metro who LOVED the experience. The video has a light and upbeat mood. Thank you for coming to TEXAS!
July 26, 11:48 AM
Ian Crocker
Metroplex was the perfect team to visit, with a great pool! Thanks for inviting Team Gold. Hopefully we'll see y'all again soon.
July 26, 10:55 AM
We had a wonderful time at the pool that morning. Thanks to Swim Outlet and the Olympians for making it so memorable. As a mom and an official, I spend alot of time at the pool and at meets countless weekends throughout the year. Meeting all of you guys made us remember what we are doing this for. Thanks again.
July 26, 10:51 AM
Capo Aquatics Mama
What an insperational video! Awesome! Capistrano Valley High School Aquatics Team would love to have you come to our school! We are in Southern Orange County California, located in the city of Mission Viejo. Our Swim Team has placed first for CIF for the past few years. We also have a strong Water Polo Team. My son has played on Varsity for 3 years for swim and water polo, a real fish. Please come and sprinkle some inspiration dust our way! Sunny California, we are 10 minutes from the beach, 70 to 80's almost everyday, and 20 min. Disneyland, 60 min. from Sea World, and 90 min. from the Snow in the Winter (Nov.-Mar.).
July 26, 11:14 AM
Mel Stewart
SwimOutlet's a big supporter of Water Polo....even at the National Team level...
July 26, 10:20 AM
LOVED the Team Gold Video!!! I swim for a Masters Team that shares the pool with the Rattler Swim Team in San Fernando, California. They are an incredible team and have amazing coaches. They truly deserve a visit from Swim Outlet!! (We Masters swimmers would really love it too!!)
July 26, 10:17 AM
Great video!! All of the Metro kids had a great time and the Olympic athletes were so gracious and fun with the swimmers! And THANK YOU SWIM OUTLET for the great goodie bags - we really appreciated getting some treats from Ian, Matt, Garrett, Christine, and Maritza and SwimOutlet!

Metro Aquatics swimmers will not soon forget this awesome experience!
July 26, 10:33 AM
Ian Crocker
Team Gold has many athletes in it's 'special forces', if you will. The thing is, not even I have the full roster. I know what I need to know and that's it. This way we can keep surprising kids and teams all over. You never know when or where we'll show up next, or if we'll be back with new members of Team Gold to make a Gold Medal Delivery.
July 26, 10:14 AM
What a great video from swimoutlet.

We were at TAGs the past weekend! The announcer should have told us that Ian was in the house. What a great pool that is. It would be great if we can personally thank you for such a memorable event.
July 26, 10:00 AM
We would love for you to come visit Dynamo Swim Club in Atlanta, GA!! Amazing group of swimmers, coaches and parents who are all very dedicated and focused on each and every one of our swimmer's goals!
July 26, 10:39 AM
Ian Crocker
The guitar I'm playing in the video was made in Atlanta! That's where I got it.
July 26, 09:41 AM
Norm(Swim Dad)
Come and visit California Capital Aquatics(CCA Team)!! We are in Roseville, California. It will be a great treat for all our swimmers to see you all. Our swimmers look up to you Guys and they will love to hang out with the big guys!!
See you soon!!
July 26, 09:50 AM
Ian Crocker
I know a lot of Team Gold's members thrive on that near perfect California weather. It might not be too hard to convince some of us to make that trip.

Ring the swimoutlet phone. You never know who might answer...
July 26, 10:08 AM
Mel Stewart
Cali sunshine.... I like that!
July 26, 11:11 AM
Oh Thank you guys, come on down...or up...wherever you guys are at! Let's enjoy the California Weather with BBQ and swimming!!
July 26, 11:32 AM
Ian Crocker
Now you're speaking my language! BBQ!
July 26, 09:34 AM
San Antonio AAAA Rocks! We have such dedicated swimmers, coaches and parents......Everyone works really hard to make our team successful. It would be amazing to have a visit from Team Gold to inspire and encourage them. These kids have never had a visit from an Olypian and it would truley be a moment they would treasure forever!
July 26, 09:45 AM
Ian Crocker
I LOVE AAAA! I was watching as one of Alamo Area's boy's kicked butt in the 50 on Sunday night at the Texas Age Group State Champs at U of Texas! Talented team!
July 26, 09:08 AM
What a great thrill for kids of Metroplex Aquatics! Thanks swim outlet and all the olympians!

Ian is our favorite and we hope he can visit us again, with his guitar!
July 26, 09:13 AM
Ian Crocker
I'm a little too timid yet to play guitar in front of 600 swimmers and their parents. At least playing guitar 'live'. For now, a few recordings will have to do:).

However, I'd come hang out with the team in the pool any day!
July 26, 09:05 AM
I saw my best friends sister. I liked this it's cool ish
July 26, 09:15 AM
Ian Crocker
What did you like about it?
July 26, 11:07 AM
The beginning intro it was funny
July 26, 08:40 AM
Iowa Swim mom
Swim Outlet rocks!!!!
Our entire swim team buys from the website. We all love it.
We are a great bunch of kids (and Parents) ranging in age from 5 to 25. We still get some old team members stop back in from time to time just for practice.
We may not be the biggest but we are the best, just like Swim Oulet.

Please come visit us, the kids would love it.
July 26, 08:51 AM
Mel Stewart
Swim Moms make the "swimming family" work. (Mom drove me to practice, meets, feed me good food...) We have a great love for Swim Moms....
July 26, 09:09 AM
Ian Crocker
Amen, Mel! Both of my parents drove my sister and me all over New England for meets and workouts growing up. That was our family time. Mom and Dad would officiate and time the meet, and my sister and I would compete.

The world stops without swim parents!
July 26, 08:00 AM
We have a great bunch of kids on the team--almost 200 in all!!! Please visit us!!! Swim Outlet ROCKS!!!!
July 26, 08:11 AM
Ian Crocker
We may have to call in some special members of Team Gold to visit your kid's swim team. Where are y'all located?
July 26, 07:59 AM
THANK YOU SwimOutlet for a surprise our kids at Metro will never forget! We love the video....hilarious intro!
July 26, 08:17 AM
Ian Crocker
Most of Team Gold is in China right now, competing at the Fina World Championships. As you can imagine, they're quite focused on the task at hand. I think I can speak for all members of Team Gold by saying, Metroplex Aquatics is a talented team with great coaches. We're glad we got to meet you all!
July 26, 08:27 AM
Many thanks, Ian, and....thank you for making Texas proud! Hook em'!
July 26, 08:45 AM
Ian Crocker
Thanks Jennifer. It means a lot to me to make Texas proud.
Hook 'em - \m/
July 26, 07:50 AM
love video, love team gold, love swimoutlet!
July 26, 07:50 AM
Definately the most memorable practice ever! Thanks Team Gold and Swimoutlet!
July 26, 09:55 AM
Ian Crocker
It was quite memorable for Team Gold as well. Thanks METRO!
July 26, 07:47 AM
Metroplex Aquatics Video is great!!

My kid loved it so much, thanks Swimoutlet
July 26, 08:26 AM
Mel Stewart
The kids cheered....and cheered and cheered. Their excitement made that day a lot of fun!
July 26, 07:39 AM
July 26, 07:21 AM
Loved the video! LOL, The intro was hilarious.
July 26, 07:46 AM
Ian Crocker
We had a lot of fun making this delivery to Metro Aquatics! I'm glad you liked the intro. It's my big guitar debut:) Whadda ya think?
July 26, 07:49 AM
Best intro it is!
July 26, 07:54 AM
OMG. You answered. Awesome! Yeah, you played really well. Was that you really playing? What kind of guitar?
July 26, 08:08 AM
Ian Crocker
Yup, that's what I sound like, for better or worse!

This guitar was custom made for a guitarist in a world touring heavy metal band. When I acquired it from my friend Ryan Mallam, I tweaked it a little to fit my style of playing (vintage pickups).
July 26, 08:24 AM
Ian Crocker
This builder was Jim Nunis of J Nunis Guitars.
July 26, 08:29 AM
Mel Stewart
I've witnessed the "swim artist" at work. Crocker truly rocks!
July 26, 08:34 AM
Ian Crocker
Ha, thanks Mel.
July 16, 22:59 PM
hilarious video... i like how ryan pulls out the gold medal from his sock (in the begining of the video).
July 6, 10:22 AM
Ryan came to our team (the one in the video) and it was so much fun. we all got a lot of new equipment. that practice was really boring until he came. we see him every day, he is a great inspiration and role model. my friend is even working on her backstroke to be more like his. Thanks ryan!
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