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Dharma Eyewear Products

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ABOUT Dharma Eyewear

Dharma Eyewear creates eyewear for those who explore both within and outside themselves; for those who seek answers. As you see more of the world through new lenses, the hope is you’ll see the world more clearly. Born travelers, the founders of Dharma eyewear were all practically raised in the eyewear industry. In 2012, they decided to try and shake things up as they were tired of seeing sameness everywhere. Driven by a passion to change things, they got together in New York and opened a state-of-the-art lab that was connected to their warehouse and offices. They traveled back and forth from the factories and got together with their craftsmen to design the first collection. On the long plane rides, during the conversations with inspiring people from all over the world, seeing sights they had never seen before through glasses they designed, they had a revelation. How beautiful would it be if they could create a community around their products of people who, like them, loved exploring, learning, and sharing, and whose insatiable curiosity led them to discoveries about the world and themselves?

Dharma Eyewear aims to create eclectic, high-quality, ethically-crafted products that suit your wayfaring lifestyle. They want to inspire you to explore, to learn, and to share wisdom. They want to motivate you to experience new cultures, to take the road less traveled by, and to inspire others in the process.

"Dharma" means duty. They believe companies have a duty to act like good people, and, to that end, embody values like tolerance, transparency, authenticity, empathy, fairness, and compassion. They use earth-friendly material and production processes whenever possible. Every product is manufactured in an audited factory, which means that a third party auditing company ensures safe working conditions, fair pay, no child labor, and high labor standards.

Dharma was founded on the idea of accessibility; not only do they make all of their high-quality products affordable, but they want to help provide access to those won can’t afford proper vision care. That means partnering with Optometry Giving Sight, a global nonprofit that trains local eye-care professionals, establishes vision centers, and delivers eye exams and glasses in areas of need around the world. They are donated 5% of each sale, which means you make an impact with every pair you purchase.