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Though not always a necessity, cycling gloves offer numerous benefits to the rider who invests in a pair. The rubber handles of many bikes come with actually increase hand sweat, which could lead to slippage later on in the ride—not to mention rubber granules rubbing off onto the hands. Gloves are well-ventilated to let the hands breathe. They also reduce friction between the hand and the handlebar that could cause blister-inducing friction. Gloves dampen the vibrations caused by cycling that lead to numbness in the hands on long rides. 

Many road cyclists use bar tape to forgo gloves, but for longer rides, they too often wear them. In colder weather, thicker ones can keep the fingers warm. Cycling gloves come in full-fingered and fingerless versions depending on the preference of the rider. 

If you go on long rides or ever suffer from sore, tingly hands while riding, try a pair of cycling gloves. You'll end up with a firmer grip on the bike and will worry less about irritation in the hands distracting you from the ride. All our gloves come from quality brands like Castelli, Louis Garneau and Pearl Izumi