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Swimming Gear

Training and dedication will get you on a good road towards being a successful swimmer - but that's not enough. Bring your swimming skills to the next level by diving into our swim gear catalog and choosing your perfect equipment combination!


From goggles and caps to swim fins and underwater earbuds, our catalog won't leave you wanting more. Top-notch water polo gear, snorkels, and masks of all shapes and sizes are just some pieces that will prepare you for your next endeavor. SwimOutlet has the most comprehensive, highest quality assortment of swim gear available on the market.


Tried & Trusted Performance


Brands by the likes of Speedo, Easy USA, and Nike with years of experience behind them ensure that you get your money's worth. Fins crafted out of the finest quality silicone, goggles used by the top professionals of the sport, and latex caps are able to sustain even the roughest training sessions without tearing. They'll last you for years and serve as a testament to where it all began.


Waterproof Electronics


To monitor your progress, SwimOutlet offers an array of different devices such as lap counters, stopwatches, and even pulse monitors. This specialized gear complies with IPX standards which guarantees that it can sustain anything from splashes to complete submerging. Connect them to your smartphone and see for yourself how big of a boost your new gear is able to provide!


Ample Variety


Once you've decided on the brand, it's time to select the specific gear that you need. If you're just starting out, our swim caps and goggles section will give you a much-needed headstart. Whether you're a man or a woman of smaller or larger build, all of the available swim gear comes in various sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. With over 50 different brands and more than 3000 products, you're bound to find something to your liking.


Our wide selection is accompanied by affordable prices. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, make sure to join our SwimOutlet+ club for added benefits!!!

What are the benefits of swimming equipment?

For newcomers, swimming equipment can be a saving grace for learning basic swimming techniques, but it also allows experts to vary their training sessions and focus on their weaker areas.

What are the most important gears in swimming?

To make training sessions more pleasant, use goggles and ear/nose plugs. If you want to focus on improving your speed and technique, grab a pair of fins or a pull buoy to concentrate on arm movement.

What do I need for swimming training gear?

It depends. Gear will vary based on many factors, such as the underlying activity. For swim training, you'll generally need goggles and a swim cap. However, you can enhance the experience with fins, paddles, pull buoys, kickboards, etc.

What gear do I need to start swimming?

Goggles, a cap, and possibly a swimsuit are the bare minimum for a beginner. Once you become more experienced, fins, paddles, and pull buoys will help you improve your swimming form and speed.

What is the best equipment for swimming?

While the best swimming equipment will vary based on your objective, goggles, fins, paddles, pull buoy, fins, and kick boards are great for making you a better swimmer or allowing you to explore.

What is the purpose of swimming gear?

The purpose of gear will vary based on the gear in question. Swimming gear serves many purposes ranging from making you a better swimmer to making swimming safe and easier. For instance, goggles will protect your eyes, while fins will make it easier to swim underwater and work out your lower body.

What is the purpose of swimming gears?

Each piece of swimming training gear isolates a certain part of the movement to help you focus on it. For example, a snorkel relocates your attention from holding your breath to the stroke itself, while fins improve leg strength and aid in learning the butterfly swimming technique.

Why is it important to use swimming equipment?

Swimming gear makes swimming safer. Gear like goggles protects the eyes. Some gear, such as fins and paddles, makes activities like training more effective.