About This brand

Sunski first started as a design experiment on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012. We (Michael & Tom) were wrapping up a previous project that was coming to an end. We were looking for a fresh start and a new concept to explore, and just around that time Kickstarter was gaining popularity as a way to raise money for creative projects. Three years prior in 2009, Tom had gone on a shoestring surf trip to Australia shortly after school.

While there, he collected a few vintage thrift store artifacts that caught his eye and seemed to capture a beach-life aesthetic perfectly aligned to the Australian coastal lifestyle. Those souvenirs collected dust for a while, but resurfaced in 2012 as the inspiration for much of the Sunski Kickstarter project.

As avid outdoor freaks, we wanted to find a way to bridge our love for product design with our commitment to spending time in the sun. Sunglasses seemed a perfect fit, especially because the sunglasses market was ripe for disruption. The eyewear status quo was and remains a choice between cheap rack shades and outrageously expensive designer frames. We thought that there was an opportunity to land somewhere in the middle, using our position as a small business to combine affordability with many of the luxury features never before seen at a price of around fifty bucks. After Kickstarter, we've worked to grow the Sunski project into a brand that continues our commitment to quality products that don't cost a fortune. We are proud members of 1% For the Planet, and try to capture our love for the outdoors in everything we make.