About This brand

In the hills above St. Tropêz lies the beautiful flower village Ramatuelle. The picturesque centre is built on a hilltop and is surrounded by colorful houses, small streets and alleys. The village is famous for its location near the beach of Pampelonne and is part of the Côte d’Azur. As the name implies, the water is clear and blue and is matched with fine, warm sand. It’s the home of luxurious beach clubs and beautiful people. It was at this beach where Gitty first envisioned her future brand Ramatuelle.

Our products are inspired by the Riviera lifestyle. Just as the Cote d'Azur, our products are luxurious and they provide the ultimate summer feeling. As designers we continuously observe our surroundings to find things we can use in our designs. We find beautiful color combinations in nature like the colors in a sunset, landscapes and life under the sea. We combine small pieces of inspiration that we found, we find the essence of the things we like and use it to create our own unique designs.

The designer Charles Eames once said, "Details, ultimately it's the details that give the product to life." We stand behind this idea at Ramatuelle and pay close attention to the details of our products. Our shorts are made of high quality fabrics and have several special features. Through weaving or digital printing patterns, the decorations are extremely sharp and detailed. The shorts also have colorful piping, beautiful stitching and gorgeous embroidery. Besides the decorative and qualitative details we also have very functional details added to our swimming shorts, such as a loop for your keysm pockets, a back pocket that closes with Velcro, a water-repellent coating that ensures that your swimsuit dries quickly, and a handy pocket for your credit card on the inside of the waistband.

"The greatest summer starts with the coolest swimshort". Our goal at Ramatuelle is to deliver the perfect swim shorts for the fashion conscious modern man. We will make sure that you're ready for the summer and that you look cool in your Ramatuelle swim shorts!