Rad Roller

About This brand

Boulder, Colorado. It’s the epicenter of balance, movement and wellbeing. It’s the epitome of healthy lifestyles—humming with myriad experts in bodywork and massage. All that, and it’s the hometown of the one and only RAD Roller.

But the fresh, mountain air isn’t the only thing going for this transformational innovation. Invented by biomechanics authority Mike Mallory and professional triathlete Dan McIntosh, the RAD Roller comes from a place of true purpose. Simply put, these two founders saw a void, and they filled it. Thoughtfully, too.

Until the creation of the RAD Roller, no massage tool could create such remarkable muscular mobilization without putting damaging and painful pressure on the bones in the neck and back. The RAD Roller is, quite literally, designed around the spine and is now being used by people of all walks of life to create relaxation and relief in nearly every muscle of the body.