Life Elements

About This brand

Action Wipes were developed as a refreshing, natural travel wipe for the entire family as well as athletes, campers and people on the move! Inventor Martha Van Inwegen saw the need for a natural wet wipe to clean and refresh the body after a ride, run, hike or a long plane ride. She wanted a body wipe she could use on her entire body, good enough for her whole family and safe for the environment. Above all, it needed to remove dirt, sweat and odor REALLY WELL. Martha mixed potions for a year before hitting on just the right combination of essential oils. And that “potion” became Action Wipes.

Action Wipes is a product and a brand that is a direct reflection of ourselves and our company, Life Elements, Inc. The following elements are the basis for who we are and how we run our company. Especially in light of recent events, where we allowed another company to use our brand, these values are even more important to let our customers, retailers, partners and the market understand who we really are and what makes us tick. Enable and enhance healthy active lifestyles by providing effective body products made from natural ingredients that are safe for our bodies and have minimal impact on the environment.