About This brand

MaryCarol Dolivier, inventor and co-owner of FrozenPeaz, began her FrozenPeaz journey after taking a bad fall. While recovering from her injuries, she tried a variety of gel packs as well as the old-age bag of frozen peas. Unsatisfied with the lack of flexibility of gel packs and the non-reusability of bags of frozen vegetables, she decided to stop wishing there was something better and set about to make something better.

From the humble beginnings of a kitchen counter turned chemistry lab, MaryCarol enlisted the help of engineer Arthur Blackwood as well as a group of physical therapists and doctors. Now business partners, Arthur and MarCarol came to create the patent-pending VirtualPeaz technology.

Since then, MaryCarol and Arthur continue to develop new products and uses for FrozenPeaz. The upcoming launch of TheraPeaz and BumpPeaz marks a turning point with a product offering that targets everyone from post-surgery and chronic pain (the original line of FrozenPeaz Compression Wraps) to people with everyday pains from arthritis to headaches (TheraPeaz) to a special line just for children (BumpPeaz).