Competition Swim Goggles

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Competition Goggles

Comeptition Swim Goggles are built for speed.  These are the best swim goggles for a swim meet because they are low profile and won't caused increased drag when you're trying to beat the competition or break your PR.  When looking for a goggle that won't fog up or fall off when you dive in the pool, our assortment of performance swim goggles is the place to look.  Mirrored swim goggles provide more protection from the sun while tinted swim goggles will give you a clearer look under the water and off the starting block.  

Women's specific swim goggles will be the best goggle to fit a smaller female face while our selection of kids' swim goggles will fit children better as they swim for the blue ribbon.  If you wear glasses out of the pool then you'll want to look at our selection of prescription swim goggles to give you the best underwater vision.  

Speedo swim goggles are our most popular brand of goggles including the notorious Vanquisher family of goggles.  Vanquishers come in mirrored, tinted and clear frames.  

Shop other popular brands of swim goggles such as TYR Swim Goggles, Arena Swim Goggles and Roka Swim Goggles.