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Clean Bottle Running Gear

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ABOUT Clean Bottle

Clean Bottle™ created an easy-to-clean water bottle that is friendly to the environment and cyclists. The founder of Clean Bottle came up with the idea after he lost another water bottle to bacteria that he could not wash out. With the way other water bottles are made, you can only open them at the top, so the junk and bacteria is either hard or impossible to clean out.

Water bottles from Clean Bottle are made with a patent-pending design that is leak-proof and allows athletes to screw off the bottom. With the ability to remove both the top and the bottom of the water bottle, it becomes easy to clean what you couldn't reach before. This water bottle can even go on the top rack to be dishwasher safe.

Clean Bottle water bottles are made with 100% non-toxic plastics, and the water bottles are BPA-free. Clean Bottle even donates 10% of their profits to charities that either support the environment or cyclists. If you want a water bottle that is easy to clean and gives you a clean conscience, take a refreshing sip from Clean Bottle.