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Blue Steel Sports Products

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ABOUT Blue Steel Sports

Blue Steel Sports is all about effective and long lasting skin protection. Hygienic and quick to use, every tube of Blue Steel Anti-Chafe cream is no mess and no fuss. Every tube has skin conditioning ingredients that soothe and calm irritated skin after any kind of activity. The best part of the Blue Steel cream is it forms a thin protective layer on your skin that feels silky and smooth, never sticky. It can wash off easily wish soap and water and won't stain your clothes. Made with athletes in mind, this cream is a great if you need a lotion that can be applied to anywhere on your body, whether it's your sore feet, your irritated thighs or areas on your upper body from sweat.

One of Blue Steel's favorite products is its list of wax strips. These are great if you need to remove any unwanted hair for quick and easy removal. Ideal for hair removal from your legs, bikini area, chest and back, these wax strips require no heating and can be used anywhere. They remove hair by the root and leave your skin feeling smooth for weeks with rarely ever any stubbly re-growth. If you're a swimmer and need to ditch that excess body hair, then these strips are for you. Blue Steel Sports is the sport brand for sporty people, and if this is your spot, then come check them out!