New Speedo Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Valor 2.0 with Lamoral Technology

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In the competitive world of swimming, where every millisecond counts, Speedo continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Valor 2.0 tech suits. These suits are not just designed for performance; they are engineered to make swimmers feel unstoppable, race after race. Let's dive into the features that make these suits a pinnacle of swimwear technology, including the groundbreaking Lamoral® Space Technology.

Introducing Lamoral® Space Technology: The Game-Changer in Swimwear

At the heart of the Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Valor 2.0's innovation lies the Lamoral® Space Technology. This special coating is the secret ingredient that sets these suits apart. Engineered for durability and ultimate glide, Lamoral® Space Technology offers the longest-lasting water repellency in swimwear technology. This means that swimmers can enjoy consistent performance, enhanced speed, and reduced drag in the water, maintaining the suit’s peak condition over time. It’s not just a coating; it’s a leap forward, ensuring that the suit you wear is not just a piece of fabric but also a sophisticated tool designed for victory. 

Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0: The Sprinter’s Edge

Developed with sprinters in mind, the Intent 2.0 harnesses the power of Lamoral® Space Technology, ensuring that its water-repellency capabilities stay robust, enhancing a swimmer's speed and efficiency in every race. This suit also boasts dual compression layers for improved blood flow, ergonomic seams for increased power, and textured fabric zones inspired by shark scales to minimize drag. Its triple fabric construction allows for maximum movement, and the innovative band technology intensifies leg power.

Fastskin LZR Valor 2.0: The Distance Swimmer’s Choice

The Valor 2.0, crafted for distance and multi-event swimmers, also incorporates Lamoral® Space Technology, offering unmatched durability and consistent performance. This lightweight suit is perfectly tailored for swimmers who prioritize endurance and comfort. Its medium compression balance, coupled with the shark skin exterior, significantly reduces drag. The suit's flexible design includes options for closed-back and open-back, as well as high-waist and regular waist jammers, ensuring a perfect fit for every swimmer.

Advancements Over Previous Models

Both the Intent 2.0 and Valor 2.0 are significant upgrades from their predecessors. They not only utilize Lamoral® Space Technology for enhanced performance and durability but also feature bonded seams that reduce drag, propelling swimmers to new heights of speed and efficiency. 

A New Era in Competitive Swimming

The integration of Lamoral® Space Technology in the Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Valor 2.0 tech suits marks a new era in competitive swimming. Speedo’s commitment to innovation provides swimmers with an unparalleled advantage in the water. These suits are more than just swimwear; they are a testament to cutting-edge technology and design, tailor-made for those who aim to break records and achieve greatness. Embrace this revolutionary technology and feel the difference in every stroke, in every race!


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