Interscholastic Coach of the Month Award - October 2020

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We're back with this month's NISCA Interscholastic Coach of the Month Award, recognizing high school coaches across the country! Coaches are the backbone of any swim team and frequently the unsung heroes of an athlete's success. 

They are the instructors, motivators, teachers and role models for many young athletes and swimmers. That's why it's important to us at SwimOutlet to partner with organizations like the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA). Every month, we recognize a different coach across the U.S. with our SwimOutlet Coach of the Month Award.

This month's Coach of the Month spotlights Elizabeth Bragg, head swim coach at Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz, Texas. She is also a high school English teacher. Congrats!

Name:  Elizabeth Bragg

 Samuel Clemens High School

 Schertz, TX

Years Coaching:

Biggest Team Success: Qualified and went to State two years in a row!

Favorite Thing About Coaching:
My favorite thing about coaching is the "overcoming." When you have a swimmer who has been trying to break an interval or a time goal and they finally break it (or overcome it as I call it), nothing is better than that. As a coach, you know all along that they are capable of overcoming that hurdle, and to see them do it and know for themselves that they're capable of greatness is one of coaching's greatest gifts.

Favorite Drill:
I love any and all things hypoxy training. To me hypoxy training is about creating a balanced swimmer; it is all connected. When they alternate their breathing and have control of their lungs, they have better control of their core and stroke, which gives them better control of their kick, which gives them better control over their stroke. That balance in freestyle then leaks balance into every other stroke, making them a better overall swimmer. 
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