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by Flora Yu

Labor Day Weekend is here, so what better way to savor the last weeks of summer spirit than to celebrate National Beach Day! Every year since 2014 on August 30, National Beach Day encourages people to appreciate the beauty of beaches and raises awareness for clean beaches and ocean health. At SwimOutlet.com, we’re all about sustainable living with eco-friendly products like sunscreens, so we compiled five family-friendly activities that guarantee a fun time at the beach without too much impact on its natural beauty.

Musical Beach Towels

A twist on the popular musical chairs for kids, musical beach towels is a great game to play with a large gathering, whether it’s a big family meet-up or a simple get-together with a group of friends and their families. Simply replace the chairs with towels and designate one person to play some energetic summer tunes as the rest of the adults and children -- playing in separate groups or together -- compete to become the last towel diver sitting. This is a great opportunity to invest in eco-friendly towels, and the game itself limits any waste generated at the beach, while keeping everyone entertained. 

Sand Sculpting Competition

Expand beyond simple molds and sand pyramids to a full-blown sand sculpting competition where adults and children alike can participate and unleash their inner Michelangelo. Set a water inspired theme for every round, whether it’s forming fantasy sea creatures or recreating the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Get arms and knees deep in sand with just your hands, or invest in some Green Toys for the younger kids to stay eco-friendly while creating their next masterpiece. Award points for complexity, creativity, and effort, and let everyone’s imagination run wild.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt by creating a list of different seashells, sea glass, and small beach critters to take pictures of. Whoever finds the most or completes the list the fastest wins the competition, but bonus points can also be awarded for artistic photography. Although it’s more popular to directly collect seashells, many beaches prohibit doing so as the act may disturb beach organisms and marine life. Taking pictures is a great, alternate way to explore and admire the variety of beautiful objects found at the beach and help preserve the local ecosystem. Plus this activity gets you up and moving about!


Sand Pictionary

For a calmer and simpler activity that requires only your hands, imagination, and the sand, prepare a few ocean-themed lists of words to play a round of Pictionary with the family. Choose a word from a list and have one person from each team draw it out in the sand for everyone else to guess. Or to increase the challenge, have the drawer instead build objects from the sand to express the word. The team that guesses the word the fastest wins the round, and the only mess made would be the sand caked on your hands -- nothing a quick splash in the ocean wouldn’t fix!

Beach Ball Toss 

Lastly, test your hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills with Beach Ball Toss, an addicting game that requires two teams of two to cooperate. Have two people hold opposite ends of a towel and use it to fling a beach ball back and forth with the other team and their towel. Parents can pair up with their kids, or the kids can make their own teams to see who can keep the longest rally. Like with Musical Beach Towels, the game doesn’t produce extra waste, and you can swap out the usual plastic inflatables with natural or recycled rubber balls to reduce plastic usage.




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