20 Reasons Why We Couldn't Live Without Swim Moms

2015 May | By

Behind every great swimmer there's an even greater swim mom. She nags you to get ready for your event an hour ahead of time, she's screaming in the background of the home video from that swim meet in 1995, and she forces you to go to practice when swimming is the absolute last thing that you want to do.

Although sometimes you want to hide from her in the locker room, we could not live without our swim moms. Here's why;

1. She voluntarily becomes the swim taxi, shuttling you to and from practice. Twice a day, everyday.

2. She comes equipped with pre-practice snacks.

3. She buys you the newest tech suit, even if it means she can't buy herself those shoes she's been eyeing all summer. 

4. She is your biggest (and loudest) cheerleader. Even if you can't see her you know she'll be at the end of your lane, cheering you on.

5. She cooks your favorite spaghetti the night before a big meet.

6. She holds you accountable, even if that means you are stuck doing homework in the car on the way to practice. You'll thank her later.

7. She is proud of you when you win, and when you lose.

8. She waits behind the block with your parka, so you don't freeze. 

9. She keeps track of all of your events, heats, lanes and times, incase you forget.

10. She buys pizza, lots of pizza.

11. She believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself.

12. She gives up her weekends to be at all of your swim meets, rain or shine.

13. She lives in your team's t-shirts, because she's the proudest of all the swim moms.

14. She wakes up at 4:30, just to make sure you have breakfast on the table before morning practice.

15. She keeps an extra pair of goggles on her at all times, incase yours break. 

16. She does endless loads of wash, so that you always have a dry, clean towel.

17. She doesn't complain when her car smells like chlorine. 

18. She gets mad when you and your teammates write on each other with sharpie, but she helps you scrub it off after the meet anyway. 

19. She reminds you to put on sunscreen every single day. 

20. She sacrifices her sanity, to keep you going. 

Shout out to all of the swim moms out there, you're the real MVPs. Thank you for your endless dedication, unconditional support and bottomless food supply. 

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