15 Reasons Why Swimmers Love Summer

2016 Jun | By

There are so many reasons to love summer, you know, like popsicles for breakfast, beach trips and burgers at neighborhood BBQ's. True, we love a good cheeseburger, but the summer season means something entirely different to a swimmer. Once schools are out for summer, the sport changes. The days get longer (as do the practices), the water gets warmer and the tans get darker. So, why do swimmers really love summer?

1. We don't have to wash our hair (or shower in general, for that matter) nearly as much-- mermaid dreads and swimmer buns become a state of normalcy in the warmer months

2. We can finally bust out our training bikinis-- see you later, tan lines

3. This one's a given, the weather is warmer so we can retire our parkas, fur boots and beanies

4. Long course season for the win-- less laps and longer lane lines to pull on

5. Since we don't have classes, we can nap in-between practices

6. When the weather is pushing 90 degrees, diving in for a two hour swim isn't so bad (inflatable swans, ducks and flamingos optional)

7. With summer league in full force, meeting new teammates and making new friends is always a plus

8. Sometimes, if you're lucky, coach will bring otter pops for the team after practice

9. Team BBQ's, enough said (yum)

10. Swim meets are way more fun when you can tan in-between races 

11. Suns out, guns out

12. We get to live in swimsuits, all summer long (which is awesome)

13. You can show off your swim skills at pool parties (we've all been there, no shame)

14. The Junior Olympics are in July, which is exciting if you or a teammate are going (in which case, good luck)

15. And then there are the actual Olympics every four years, and that makes being a swimmer pretty dang cool

Why do you love summer? 

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