10 Reasons Why We Love Water Polo

2016 Sep | By

As swimmers, we'll be the first to admit that swimming laps back and forth every single day can seem more like a chore than it is fun. It's not uncommon for swimmers to get burnt out on the sport, which is why water polo is such a popular secondary sport to those who grew up in the pool. The game of water polo borrows key techniques from swimming, but incorporates hand-eye coordination, a floating net and a whole bench full of teammates. Sounds fun, right? It's like the best of both worlds for all the die-hard swimmers out there looking to try something new.

We won't go as far as to say that we like water polo more than swimming, but it's a close second. Here's why;

1) It's a team sport - Unlike swimming, you rely heavily on your teammates during each game, which makes for a pretty cool team bond. 

2) The suits - The water polo suits are even smaller and bolder than your average competition swim suit, if that's even possible. 

3) No running required - If you've always wanted to try a land sport (like soccer or basketball), but hate to run, water polo is the sport for you. Imagine a soccer net floating on top of the water. Score! 

4) Less swimming - Swimmers rejoice, water polo practice only contains about a fourth of the laps (if that) that a normal swim practice would. The beauty of water polo is that you don't actually have to be a swimmer to play. 

5) Team robes - Swimmers get parkas, water polo players get cool robes. Enough said.

6) It requires incredible strength - Sure, football players are strong, but there's something admirable about someone who can tread water to stay afloat and throw a ball at the same time (go ahead, pat yourself on the back, you're awesome). 

7) Tanlines - Since water polo players rarely wear goggles, you can say goodbye to your raccoon eyes and awkward goggle tanlines. Hallelujah! 

8) What happens underwater, stays underwater - Although we can't condone foul play, we love a little friendly competition. It's always interesting to see what really goes on beneath the surface. What the refs don't see, won't hurt them-- right? Just kidding. 

9) Spirit section - Of course, in swimming you can always count on your cheerleaders at the end of the pool, but in water polo the fans in the bleachers bring a whole different kind of excitement to the game.

10) It's fun - Plain and simple. Although treading back and forth chasing a ball may seem exhausting to some, the game allows you to add a new element to the traditional sport of swimming. It's like a breath of fresh air for those used to swimming laps day in and day out. 

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