10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

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Ever thought about water aerobics classes as an exercise? The thought of working out in the pool seems fun, but is it effective? Water Aerobics classes have grown in popularity over the past decade and are offered at most fitness clubs, gyms and pools these days. For those looking for a new way to get fit, get a full body workout and have fun at the same time, it might be high time to check out a Water Aerobics class – or workout by yourself in the pool with some basic accessories like pool weights and dumbbells. Here are 10 reasons you might want to think about taking your workout to the pool!

More Resistance
Water is nearly 10 times as dense as air, so the movement you do underwater is more effective because the increased resistance. Try shallow water lunges or squats. Adding a dumbbell or pool noodle to these gets your arms moving too.

Builds Balance & Agility
Many athletes and people recovering from injury or surgery are encouraged to work out in the pool. Why? The sensation of weightlessness in the water helps with regaining balance and agility. The water acts as support as you learn to regain these skills.

Low-Impact Activity
Unlike running on land, water workouts create a low-impact environment making your movement great for joint pain. Whether you’re thinking of water aerobics as a form of physical therapy or a way to combat chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, the pool has endless options for low-impact exercises.

Either in shallow water with your feet on the ground, or in deep water with the help of an aqua jog belt, aqua jogging is simple: jog in the water. This can be done with friends or by yourself. And you determine your own speed. It can be a warm-up if you get to your water aerobics class early or a cool-down if you’re still fired up after class.

Cooling Exercise
Working out, especially in the summer, can be exhausting when it’s too hot. One of the most relaxing things you can do when temperatures are high is relax by the pool. Why not workout in a relaxing, cool environment?

Stress & Anxiety Relief
Countless surveys have studied the therapeutic effects of being in the water. Results say, most people feel less stressed, reduced anxiety, and minimalized tension, after just 20-30 minutes of being in the water. If you mix that with the natural release of endorphins when you exercise, water aerobics could be the most feel-good activity out there!

Water Zumba
Ever wanted to try Zumba? Intimidated by the seemingly choreographed, fast-paced dance moves? Well Water Zumba is a great place to start. Not only will you get an intense workout in, but if you miss a step underwater, no one will know except you.

Once you’ve gone to a few water aerobics classes (or just watched a few YouTube videos) you will have a skill set that is totally travel-ready. Why pack more clothes and shoes to workout in when you’re already brining several swimsuits? Most cruise ships and vacation resorts come fully equipped with a pool. That means you can get a workout in while you take the kids to swim, or in the evening before you go out for that romantic dinner. And a lot of vacation spots might even offer a Water Aerobics class. You probably already have your bathing suit with you!

Social Environment
For many, working out at the gym can seem boring. Everyone has headphones on and trying to spark conversation is often uninvited. Going to a water aerobics class is the complete opposite. There is a community of people looking to engage with one another. High fiving your neighbor and cheering on the rest of your class might seem cheesy, but its actually a very positive way to workout while meeting like-minded friends. And often times a water aerobics class is accompanied by some terrific up beat music to keep the vibe going.

The best part of water aerobics is the peace of mind you get with knowing you are protected. Most public pools and community centers that offer water aerobics classes hire certified lifeguards to watch over group classes and swim lessons. Lifeguards are trained to be aware of the issues that could arise during water aerobics classes and will be there to help in any emergency.

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