September 09, 2020

San Jose, CA (June 29, 2017), the web's most popular swim shop, introduced its new Life+Style Shop to customers this week, celebrating July 4 beach week! The Life+Style storefront highlights beach, lifestyle, and fashion swimwear separate from's competition swimwear segment.

"Unveiling our new Life+Style portal to customers shows our on-going commitment to perfecting the shopping experience for all of our customers: lifestyle, fashion and performance alike," said Puja Seth, Chief Merchandising Officer at "The new storefront enhancements separate out various categories within lifestyle for a more consistent look, with navigation enhancements designed to make it easy for customers to shop for all of their fashion and lifestyle needs without the clutter of performance swimwear – and vice versa." remains the same one-stop leading aquatics shop that has led it to become a top 10 sports retailer in the annual Internet Retailer rankings and a top 250 Internet Retailer overall in the U.S.

With the new Life+Style portal, shoppers can now easily toggle between performance swim and lifestyle categories using the tab located at the upper, left-hand corner of the page, making the shopping experience more focused and enjoyable for each specific category. Bigger imagery, more clearly defined fashion categories also highlight the visual changes while updated search capabilities enables visitors to filter by varying styles, silhouettes, brands, prices and colors.

"The new platform gives our website a fresh look and feel with every click, while enhancing the user experience," said Seth, "We didn't want to de-emphasize our performance swim DNA, so the best option to curate the lifestyle and fashion experience was to provide its very own storefront in time for the 2017 summer season."

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