September 09, 2020, the web's most popular swim shop, has added a new click-to-call feature on its website allowing users to call's representatives at any time during customer service hours directly from their browser while exploring the website and during the check-out process with just one simple click.

As part of its continuing mission to provide the best possible customer service, has incorporated Zingaya's new technology which enables customers to make voice calls directly from their browser provided they have a microphone.

"This is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the customer service experience," said Anthony Ramirez,'s Director of Customer Service. "We are always looking for ways to be ahead of the curve in terms of the technologies and features that we offer on"

"Within minutes of deployment, customers started using our application," added Matthew Schwab, Zingaya's North American Regional Director. "As more web browsing migrates from the desktop to places like the couch or the patio, this added flexibility makes it easy and convenient for website visitors to put a call into's representatives."

Zingaya's CEO Alexey Aylarov likewise praised the development. "Our idea is to give businesses and their customers a new effective way to communicate. We are very pleased to have be the first North American retailer to adopt our solution."

In 2011, was the first online retailer to offer mobile live chat functionality for customers to connect with customer service. Zingaya's technology allows customers to simply click the "call us" button through the website to make a direct call to SwimOutlet's representatives.