How to Put a Men's Tech Suit On

Tech suits can make or break a swim race, so it is important that you know them inside and out before you race in one. Tech suits are not like standard, loose-fitting swim trunks. They are designed to be tight and compress the body. Because of that, they aren’t the easiest things to put on just before a meet. In fact, they can take anywhere from ten to twelve minutes to put on if you are being careful with them.

Because you want your tech suit to last, it is important that you take the time to know how to properly put the tech suit on. If you follow the guide below, you will be an expert in no time!

Before You Put Your Tech Suit On

There are a few things you should be aware of before you put your tech suit on:

  • Be Dry--Both you and your tech suit should be dry so that way it doesn’t get caught on your skin and stretches unnecessarily.
  • Trim Your Fingernails--If your fingernails are too long or not smooth, they can tear the fabric that makes the tech suit.
  • Gloves and Plastic Bags on Your Feet Can Help--If you are worried about your fingernails or toenails tearing into the fabric, wear some gloves or plastic bags to keep your tech suit safe.

Step One: Flip the Grippers

A tech suit has a gripper around the waist and around both of the leg holes. These are designed to “grip” onto your skin, which is great when swimming but not so great when trying to put the suit on. Flip them over and then put your legs through the holes, one at a time, to make sliding the suit on easier.

Step Two: Pull the Suit to Your Knees

Once the grippers are flipped down and your legs are the suit, pull it past your ankles up to your knees. Do not tug and stretch the material as you pull it over your calves. If you need to, pull it bit by bit, starting one side and then moving the other so they are roughly the same height on your legs. Keep going until excess fabric from the suit sits above the thighs.

The lower portion of the tech suit should be in place.

Step Three: Ease the Suit Over Your Hips

This is the hardest and most challenging part. Your legs are at their widest at the thighs and this is where the majority of the compression comes into place. Pulling one side side, and then the other, is the way to go here, taking your time and avoiding stretching the fabric as much as you can. This will take some time, and you may feel as though the suit is too tight and uncomfortable. Don’t give up! It’s supposed to fit snug!

Step Four: Align the Seams

Once you’ve pulled the tech suit up to your waist, take a moment and make sure the seams are in alignment. Ensure that everything is where it should be. Flip the grips back over and take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Step Five: Test the Legs

The tech suit is on, and now move your legs and stretch to ensure that you have all the mobility you expect. If anything feels too tight or seems off, adjust the suit--it’s possible it was not on properly. Better to find this out before you swim!

Go Get’em!

Now that your suit is on, you’re ready for the big race! Get out there and swim your best in a tech suit!

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