Benefits of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

November 19, 2017

The Full-Face Snorkeling Mask can be thought of like a new kid in elementary school. A little awkward at first glance, but actually really awesome when you get to know him! The full-face snorkeling mask is like a traditional face mask, but instead of stopping just below your nose, it continues down to wrap around your mouth. This allows you to breathe more normally than you would with a traditional snorkel, and can prevent any jaw or mouth strain from holding the snorkel like normal.

Again, they can look a bit awkward if you aren’t used to them, but they have a number of advantages over a traditional face mask and snorkel. Let’s dive in and see how it compares.

2 in 1 Product

A full face snorkel is one product as opposed the separate mask and snorkel you would traditionally need. This can help you save money and is just more convenient to purchase, knowing that you will get a complete set with one product as opposed to buying two. You will never have to wonder if the two pieces you bought are compatible!

Panoramic View

When you go snorkeling, chances are you are doing so to take in the sights of something you’ve never seen before. With a full-face snorkeling mask, you will get the widest views possible, giving you the best sights in the ocean! You will no longer feel limited by the size of your mask. Your mask is so big that there is hardly a limitation at all!

Easier to Breathe Through Your Nose and Mouth

Perhaps the best selling point of this combo is how easy it is for you to breathe while snorkeling. Since the mask covers your entire face, there is no need to try to breathe only through your mouth like in a traditional snorkel, nor do you need to breath differently than you normally would. Plus, you can breathe through your nose instead, which may be more comfortable overall!

Many masks also come with a snorkel that allows air in but will not fill up with water. This is called a Dry Snorkel. This is ideal for when you want to dive low in the water or when a wave overtakes the top of your snorkel.

Anti-Fog Lens

Because of the constant airflow in and out of the mask, these goggles are less prone to fogging up over a long swim than a more traditional mask. This means you won’t have to defog it while swimming by dipping the goggle under the water, or one of the other methods you may use to keep your mask fog-free.

Never Have to Empty Water

Because you are constantly breathing in the mask, the seal is very tight around your face and the air is constantly moving. There is no way for water to get into the mask while you swim, meaning that you can swim longer without worrying about water getting in your eyes!

Give it a try!

We’ve outlined the benefits to using a full-face snorkel mask, but you won’t know if it’s right for you until you try for yourself. Take a look at’s selection of masks, and try one for yourself!


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