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  • Feb

    Win an Arena Powerskin ST 2.0!

    The next evolution of the arena Powerskin ST is here! Available this month at, the arena Powerskin ST 2.0 builds on the technology of one of the best-selling suits of all time at SwimOutlet: the arena Powerskin ST. The 2.0 is the next-generation suit and makes a giant leap forward in terms of technology, performance, comfort and durability – all at a great price!

    The highlights of the new arena Powerskin ST 2.0 include:

    ·      Extra-flexible knitted fabric for high-level performance

    ·      Greater support and compression on core and legs for swimmers to stay stable and strong in the water

    ·      Reinforced shoulder strap for better comfort and durability

    ·      Ergonomic construction with low profile seams for perfect fit

    To celebrate the suit’s arrival and ST 2.0's inclusion in our upcoming 2017 Tech Suit Review, we are giving away an arena Powerskin ST 2.0 to one lucky contestant!

    If you owned an original Powerskin, simply tell us your favorite thing about the suit to enter below. If not, just tell us your favorite arena suit! All applicable comments below will be entered for a chance to win.

    Note: One entry on blog per person. Entry deadline has been extended due to popularity! All entries must be received by 11:59pm PT on March 6, 2017. Winner selected at random.

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    Jasmin ebner
    4 years ago.
    Ohhh my gosh (sorry my english is not so good)
    Im from germany and will be so a happy with this swimsuit ??????? hope i will have a lot of luck
    Daniel Garcia
    4 years ago.
    I got a size bigger an when i was swimming a 200 free it started to feel like a little drag suit
    Ethan Thomas
    4 years ago.
    I've just recently GOt an arena suit, they are amazing, they take forever to wear out which is good. I highly recommend it
    Romulo Valadez
    4 years ago.
    I've never worn a tech suit myself but I hope i win in order to experience the same greatness that my teammates talk about as they put their suits on. : )
    Swim Lane
    4 years ago.
    Entering for my daughter Julia -Special Olympian, high school swimmer and club swimmer!
    4 years ago.
    They are very comfortable!
    Victor berenguel
    4 years ago.
    Im entering on behalf of my 11 year old s9n.. he has been using the tough jammers by arena and he feels vsry comfortable using it... hope he gets picked.. thanks and godbless arena and swimoutlet...
    4 years ago.
    I would love my daughter to have an Arena Powerskin Techsuit!
    Joanne Bovich
    4 years ago.
    Arena Carbon Air all the way!!
    Juliana Cekovich
    4 years ago.
    My favorite thing about the arena tech suits are how they fit my body, it's hard to find good tech suits that fit my whole body and not just my legs or just my chest. they're very comfortable and I believe they truly make a difference in the race. overall, an excellent suit and I will continue to buy arena brand because of the great quality!
    Ani Fisher
    4 years ago.
    Arena is awesome!
    Ani Fisher
    4 years ago.
    I love arena and all of the products. Arena bathing suits last a long time!
    Zain Miles
    4 years ago.
    I have not owned an Arena suit but would love to. Having 2 siblings makes it a bit difficult. The suits look great! Thank you
    Dylan miller
    4 years ago.
    My favorite suit is my team suit with shaded polka dots going up the front. It is super comfortable, fits really good, and I love to wear my team suit as it makes me really want to swim better for my team!
    Blake Byerly
    4 years ago.
    I have used the arena carbon air and I loved the suit I definitely recommend it
    Clara Milton
    4 years ago.
    I love how the water beads off the suit after finishing a race:)
    Norma Duez
    4 years ago.
    My son does not own a tech suit yet. He has Arena googles and caps.
    Pedro Palacios
    4 years ago.
    my favorite arena suit is the arena powerskin carbon ultra jammer tech suit. I have never owned one but I surely would love that one if i get to have an arena suit. It looks great since it has 5 stars and great reviews. Plus, i think its a good suit for me as a sprinter.
    4 years ago.
    I had an Arena racing brief when I was younger. I loved it--the fit, the durability. It was a quality product. There was another brand that was more popular, but all the rebels wore Arena.
    4 years ago.
    I recently purchased the carbon pro open back. I love this suit because of its compression, ability to repel water due to its carbon fibers, and comfort!
    4 years ago.
    i've never owned an Arena Powerskin but i really like Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra! it looks so badass and has been worn by so many elite athletes and champions. Everytime i watch the videos i always get chills!
    4 years ago.
    I just swam at a meet and I swam 400 IM with one of your suits, I don't remember what's it called but I got 1st on podium and got a medal. So I would love to try the new arena st 2.0 and get my zones for 13-14 in the 100 breaststroke. My friend has the arena st and then I saw this new suit come out and I wanted to get it because I really liked the st.
    Aoife Madigan
    4 years ago.
    My favourite suit is the carbon pro as the straps don't hurt my shoulders and they lasted a long time. They also don't take that long to put on but are still a good fit.
    4 years ago.
    Y'all probably won't even read my comment, but if you do... my mom says she won't buy me a kneeskin for state and that I have to save up for it myself. No problem... except state is in a week and I have $0 saved up! It would really be a blessing if I won this suit!!
    4 years ago.
    I had an original ST and it was my very first kneeskin! It was really special to me because it won me my very first age group cut for state when I was 12 in the 50m and 100 butterfly. Now that I'm older I'm going to state in 100, 200 fly 50, 100 free. I really want this suit for my upcoming state meet now that I have all my cuts! My favorite part about the original was that it was easier to get on than my current speedo, but it still gave me the confidence I needed in the water! Great suit and I look forward to another one in the future sometime...
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