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  • Feb

    TYR Athlete Matt Grevers Reveals His Favorite Training Equipment

    As swimmers, we know that the key to success is being dedicated to your training day in and day out. With that said, we asked 4-time gold medalist, Matt Grevers, what his two must-have training items are. Here's what he had to say:

    Training Item 1: TYR Socket Rockets
    Why: “Best goggles ever!!! I love the Socket Rockets for training because of their comfort and visibility.”

    Training Item 2: TYR Kickboard
    Why: “I love the kick board. Its high buoyancy allows for great body position.”

    Tell us your favorite piece of training equipment in the comment section below for a chance to win a TYR training Prize Pack!

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    7 years ago.
    My Finis Swimp3. Having music is incredible!
    7 years ago.
    My pull buoy and goggles!
    ericka cully
    7 years ago.
    tyr goggles and fins
    7 years ago.
    My goggles, TYR suits, and my 9 year old daughter who now swims faster than me.
    7 years ago.
    Definitely hand paddles:)
    7 years ago.
    I really enjoy swimming with a pull buoy and paddles, but I am benefitting greatly by using a tempo trainer since I have trouble pacing myself. I defintely am getting faster and more efficient.
    7 years ago.
    One of my boys had a big problem with goggles, every time he was in water, his goggles would fall and in a swim meet there is no way to fix them. After buying every single goggle I can see, a post from taught me how to find the best and from that day on, my son loves his TYR goggle, one of our favorites items from TYR.
    7 years ago.
    A snug racing suit is all i need.
    Richa Cuevas
    7 years ago.
    Love using the Finis alignment Kickboard and TYR flex swim fins, both ordered from Swim Outlet of course!
    Diana Ross
    7 years ago.
    Fins & Paddles :)
    Sarah B
    7 years ago.
    My kids like the TYR caps. At school they prefer the TYR kick boards over the other brand.
    jamie hamilton
    7 years ago.
    Aqua Sphere goggles. I get raccoon eyes otherwise! I also need to have a bathing suit that has straps that stay put!
    kevin d.
    7 years ago.
    I love my goggles, even though they are well over due for retirement! My other favorite piece of equipment is the cemetery I jog through.
    7 years ago.
    Socket rockets ROCK!!!
    Josh Duke
    7 years ago.
    I like Matt Grevers, he's a great, respectable swimmer.
    Jason Mayo
    7 years ago.
    Alyssa m
    7 years ago.
    TYR pull buoys because of their great buoyancy and comfort and hand paddles for their corrective abilities
    Alyssa m
    7 years ago.
    Pull buoys and hand paddles
    Joy Miles
    7 years ago.
    I have to have my fist gloves and tempo trainer.
    7 years ago.
    Spec Ops 2.0 best googles ever. #TYR Bought the USA version as a second pair.
    7 years ago.
    Training fins and a pair of awesome goggles!
    7 years ago.
    I love my fins and goggles
    7 years ago.
    Kick board is the best!
    7 years ago.
    Swedes, for sure!
    Zoomers, kick board, pull buoy, and paddles are bonus items :)
    Meredith Yox
    7 years ago.
    Anyone of my TYR suits, only brand I swim in.
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