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  • Aug

    The Expert Review: Speedo Power Plus Prime Tech Suit

    by Mark Gangloff

    Size: 28

    Speedo is a brand that most of us know very well given its tradition in the sport. Most swimmers have worn one for either training or racing at some point in their lives. You can always count on Speedo to make a well-designed and well-constructed suit. The Speedo Power Plus Prime is a very affordable tech suit. Affordability often times affects some design components and I will do my best to high those and some of the great features of this suit recognizing that this is a lower-price point suit compared to elite level suits.


    At this point it is hard to remember how many different Speedo suits I have worn. The nice thing about Speedo is that the silhouettes from different suits are very similar from design to design. While not every cut is exactly the same, you can expect a size 28 from one design to another to fit in similarly. In the case of the Power Plus Prime, that is no different.

    This suit is very comfortable and easy to get into. Because this suit is a lower price point racing suit, it is missing high-level compression due to the composition of the fabric being much more elastic. It is typical to see a lower price point suit with lower compression, but this Speedo Power Plus Prime has some nice design features to minimize the lack of compression. As you can see from the inside of the suit, there are many panels which help minimize the amount of horizontal stretch the suit has. If this suit had less panels there would be a lot less compression through the hips. The last thing to keep in mind, this suit is cut low on the hips, which some people love; others prefer more coverage on the hips so it’s down to personal preference.

    If I am going for a truly elite suit, I would like more compression but for most age group athletes on a budget or masters swimmers, this is a terrific option.


    The outer layer on this suit is 71% nylon, 29% spandex, while the inner liner is 85% nylon, 15% spandex. This suit holds its form and feels very sturdy when taking it out of the package. The suit feels a little thicker than some of the suits on the market, but not in a bad way. From the initial feel, I was expecting more difficulty getting in the suit, but was pleasantly surprised by how easily I could get it on. I could see myself sitting in that suit for a long time and feeling comfortable in it for an entire competition.


    This suit felt great and moves with your body. I went through all of the different swimming movements and it felt great. Age groupers and parents of age groupers, you can feel confident that you are buying a well-designed suit that will hold up for quite a few wears. Have a great summer and Swim FAST!!!


    Pros: An all-around performer that values comfort and price over compression and speed but is aimed toward a specific swimming demographic
    Cons: You won’t be breaking any records with this suit and I’m not sure why the colorways need to be so uninspiring and boring just because it’s a lower-priced suit.


    by Julie Stupp

    Size: 28

    The Speedo Power Plus Prime, much like the Arena R-EVO, is a mid-level tech suit, meaning that it does not have all of the technologies and high-end fabric of say the most elite Speedo tech suit – the LZR Racer X. While it is not as high tech as the LZR Racer X, the suit does fit quite well. The Power Prime Plus hugs the body nicely and fits comfortably, sitting low on the legs and covering a lot of skin.

    This suit is great for tall athletes. The Power Plus Prime also has an interesting back strap construction called the “engineered back”. The shoulder straps sit low on the back, and the suit covered most of my lats, upper and lower back with material.

    There is a very small back opening, which is great, because the more skin that is covered with high tech material, the faster you will slip through the water. The Power Plus Prime also has a deep V-neck cut in the front of the suit, which is great for long distance athletes because they won’t feel constricted by the suit.

    Overall, the Power Plus Prime feels like a second skin when it is on due to the minimalistic design and seam construction. It’s the perfect tech suit for a younger beginner racer, Masters swimmer or someone looking for comfort over maximum level compression. It was also very easy to put on because of the lightweight stretchy fabric.


    The Speedo Power Plus Prime is made with a comfortable, super lightweight, two-way stretch material. The two-way stretch fabric helped me to feel some compression in my hips and back, while also allowing for maximum mobility while swimming. The Power Plus Prime is made with two layers of material in the body of the suit and a single layer in the legs.

    This dual layer allows for more compression throughout the chest, core and glutes, while providing more give throughout the legs. The Power Plus Prime fabric and cut of the suit combined with the inner seams are what make this suit fast. The inner seams run across the hips, down the back of the hamstrings and across the chest. While this suit only provides a mid-level of compression, the upside is that it is extremely flexible and something that I could wear for hours.


    The Power Plus Prime performed well, it suctioned to my chest and back, and didn’t allow any water to seep in during my starts, turns or while pushing off the walls. The suit’s lightweight fabric allowed me to swim in it for over an hour without feeling constricted or having it dig into my shoulders. The Power Plus Prime’s powerback construction made me feel super-efficient and hydrodynamic on all of my turns and underwaters. Because of the almost full back and supportive hamstring seams, I felt like I was effortlessly gliding off of the walls at every turn.


    Pros: The Power Plus Prime is a great mid-level tech suit with a nice price point and almost full back coverage.
    Cons: The mid-level compression left me wanting more compared to elite suits in terms of locking in place my muscles.

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