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  • Apr

    Masters Swimming: Olympic Silver Medalist Emily Silver's Perspective

    I recently moved to San Jose, CA for my job with from Colorado Springs, CO. It’s been a great transition so far; I’m liking my job, coworkers, being back in the Bay Area, the weather, I could go on and on.  

    As a former competitive swimmer, swimming will always be a part of my life; I grew up on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound and I swam on a swim team for 20 years of my life. I am naturally drawn to the water, whether that’s watching the waves crash or enjoying a swim meet ever now and then.

    After I decided to retire in 2008, I enjoyed having a little break from the hours spent at the pool swimming laps. I traveled and enjoyed land activities like running, yoga and hiking. But alas, I came back to the sport last year when I was living in Colorado Springs and joined the Pike’s Peak Athletics Master’s team, George and Anna Heidinger started the team and have done a great job of growing it’s membership.

    Swimming Masters is a whole different kind of swimming for me, there’s no requirement or obligation to go, it’s purely for the love of swimming! The Pike’s Peak Athletics team was fantastic to be a part of, I enjoyed going to practice three times a week for the social aspect of it as well as getting away from my desk in the middle of the day to submerge myself the liquid escape that is a pool.

    When I moved to San Jose in February, I wasn’t sure when I would start of my swimming routine again. Many of my coworkers asked where I was swimming; I guess people just assume once a swimmer always a swimmer? I went a few months without it, didn’t even look into finding a Masters team in the area. But like I said before, I can’t stay away. I got the itch!  

    I just started practicing with the Santa Clara Swim Club Masters group. Thursday was my first day back and I have to say I loved every minute of it. There’s something about waking up in the early hours of the morning, dragging yourself out of bed, and jumping in an outdoor pool to do laps that is so rewarding.  

    Here’s a shot of pool as I was leaving, beautiful huh? I smiled my whole ride home.

    Do you love Masters swimming too? Tell us what you love about it! 

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    8 years ago.
    There is nothing quite like the feeling I have when I've completed a tough practice. Just knowing that I worked hard and made it through....rewarding feeling. Great example for my son.
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