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    Cullen Jones: What's In My New Speedo Teamster Pro Bag?

    Two-time Olympic Champion Cullen Jones was watching U.S. Summer Nationals from the VIP stands this year, sitting out the national championships on his own accord for the first time since he could remember – to recharge and decide his future.

    “It’s been like 14 years since I last missed nationals. I still have the competitive itch, question is if I can put in the work that you need to do,” he said when pondering his future.

    But he was his usual personable and humorous self when he sat down with the SO Blog to tell us what he likes to keep in his new Speedo 40L Teamster backpack that came out this month.

    1) Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 “I always keep at least two pair in my bag. I like the polarized kind because they are the darkest.”

    2) Kashi Bars – “You have to have some sort of nutrition bar or snack in there and for me it’s a granola bar. I like the Kashi bars in particular.”

    3) Bullet Head Swim Snorkel “I like my snorkel. You need to breathe in life!”

    4) Sunglasses – “Swimming is a sunny sport, on deck, in the stands, wherever. You need a pair of sunglasses around at all times.”

    5) Speedo Jr. Team Kickboard “I might be a big guy, but I like the junior version of the kickboard because for me the regular size is just too buoyant. The junior version is smaller and travels easier, too.”

    6) Book/Reading Material – “I’ll throw a book in there or maybe a magazine. If it’s a magazine, GQ is my go to.”

    7) Men’s Fathom Sneakers “My coach makes me wear them and kick with the shoes in the pool, so they are always in my bag.”

    8) iPhone – “This is an obvious one. Who doesn’t have their phone in their bag? I like to have the latest Jay-Z, Drake and Future on my
    iTunes for listening.”

    9) Dragtini Parachute “Another good option for my speed training is to use the Speedo Dragtini. Easy thing to stuff in one of the pockets of my bag.”

    10)  Nemesis Countour Paddle “My all-time favorite paddle because they have the pressure on my hands when I’m pulling – and I feel like I can catch the water faster. Just a great feel.”

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    2 years ago.
    Thank you for posting this article! It is nice to read about other swimmers and how they approach different aspects of swimming. :D
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