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  • Sep

    Art Institute of California Fashion Show: Student Interview

    This Saturday, September 27, the Art Institute (AI) of California - Silicon Valley is hosting their annual portfolio show. This event, put on by the AI students and faculty, showcases innovative design and fashion talents. is proud to announce that we have partnered with the AI students and donated Sporti swimwear, accessories and gear to help make their visions come to life on the runway. 

    In honor of our sponsorship, we selected one AI student to interview prior to the event. Nicole Przemielewski, AI fashion student, shares her journey, inspirations and goals. Get to know Nicole: Blog: Why did you choose Art Institute?

    Nicole Przemielewski: I chose the Art Institute because they had the type of program and community that I felt I needed as a student. First, I was attending a local junior college to be a psychologist and quickly realized that that wasn’t for me. Deep down I knew that I had a passion for fashion and wanted to learn more about the industry. Soon after figuring this out, I took to my laptop and began researching local schools that had programs and majors involving the business side of fashion. In this research I stumbled upon the Art Institute. I looked up reviews on the school and had the opportunity to speak with current students and recent alumni. It seemed like the perfect fit. Now, having been in the program for a year, I know that I have made the right decision. 

    SB: What do you enjoy most about fashion?

    NP: To be honest, I love everything and anything about fashion. Mostly, I enjoy the visual merchandising aspect. I love creating a space, like a display window, using the newest trends and showing them off in their own environment. Having a blank canvas to display garments gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and creativity.

    SB: What are your long-term goals after school?

    NP: After school I would love to be able to work on a visual merchandising team for a retail store such as Urban Outfitters, or Anthropology. I love everything about their whole aesthetic and feel. I would also enjoy being a part of the marketing team for either one of those companies, working on advertising campaigns and strategic planning.

    SB: What is your favorite part about working with SwimOutlet/Sporti?

    NP: I really like seeing that offers multiple lines of swimwear, in addition to it’s own line, Sporti. At first, when I heard we were working with competition swimwear, I was expecting something very basic and neutral. However, my perspective changed once we took our trip to HQ and picked out the styles and looks for our runway show. I was surprised to see how much of a variety the Sporti brand offered. There were so many great pops of color and creative designs for the children's looks, which made it really exciting. Another great element about was that we were not only working with a local company, but we were also working with an Art Institute alumni. 

    SB: What was your inspiration when helping put together the Sporti looks for the runway?

    NP: To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect until we arrived and were able to see all of our options spread out. Once we met with Michelle (AI alumni and merchandising assistant) and her colleagues, I had a few different ideas floating around in my head. Knowing that there were so many different options available to choose from, we decided as a group that we wanted to tell a story with the looks. With the pieces donated from Sporti and, we were able to create a unique vision. All of the looks that you will see on the runway on Saturday are inspired by what you would expect to see on a hot summer day at the local community pool.

    SB: Who is your style icon?

    NP: My style icon would definitely have to be Audrey Hepburn. I love her simple, yet classic look. She is the true definition of a classic beauty.

    SB: Tell us about your personal style. How do you like to express yourself through fashion?

    NP: Normally I am a simple jeans a T-shirt kind of girl. It wasn’t until recently that I started to become more fashion-forward and adventurous with my style. Now I take a chance on the newest trend, while adding my own spin to it. One of my go-to styles is an all black outfit with small pops of color-- either accessories or a bold lip color.

    I also love to create my own pieces by designing and sewing them at home. This gives me the opportunity to rock something that is one of a kind and allows me to stand out from the crowd.

    SB: If you pursued a career in swimsuit design, what would your ideal piece look like (style, colors, silhouette, patterns, textures, etc.)?

    NP: I would definitely design a 1960's inspired swimsuit. The bottoms would be a very high waisted silhouette, complimented by a scalloped bandeau top. The texture would be very smooth to the touch with a clean matte finish to it. As for the color, I would mix a cream top with a pastel orange bottom. My inspiration for this swimsuit is an orangesicle pop, something sweet that you can enjoy on a warm and sunny day.

    Do you plan on attending? Look for the booth. We hope to see you there!

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