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    Amanda Beard Mother's Day Contest

    Celebrate Mother's Day by going swimming with your kids!


    Swimmer Amanda Beard is not only a four-time Olympian and seven-time Olympic medalist, but also a mother to son Blaise, age 3. She recommends introducing your kids to swimming and water safety at a young age and explains that learning to swim at an early age opens up a lifetime of healthy activities in-and-around the water.

    Amanda will be taking her son swimming on Mother's Day, what will you do with your kids this Mother's Day? 

    Tell us your favorite Mother's Day activity by leaving a comment below and you will be entered for a chance to win $100 worth of Aqua Sphere product. The winner will be selected by Amanda Beard for her favorite Mother's Day activity suggestion by May 12th! This contest is in partnership with Aqua Sphere, visit their brand page to see a full assortment of product. 

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    8 years ago.
    As a mom of two boys, I have sent many a Mothers Day at swim meets, baseball games, band concerts, or whatever else my kids have going on that day. This year, for the first time in a long time, there is nothing extra curricular planned for them.
    However, there is no rest for a busy mom. I am a teacher and will be moving grade levels next school year and need to pack up my room for moving. My boys have told me that their Mothers Day present to me would be them helping me remove posters from my wall (they are both over 6' so it's easy for them--no ladder. :), pack up books etc. The best thing about it? They promised to not complain, argue with each other, or play around! :)
    Best Mothers Day present ever!
    Desiree Thomas
    8 years ago.
    I am swimming at masters nationals along with my mom! I am treating her the whole weekend since I am stealing her away from all her other children. She is the best mom, she supported me all the way through college swimming and it is so cool that we can swim at the same meet together and even better that it is on Mother's Day weekend. We are even swimming in the same relay in Mother's Day! I can't think of a better way to spend the day :)
    Desiree Thomas
    8 years ago.
    I am swimming at masters nationals along with my mom! I am treating her the whole weekend since I'm stealing her away from all her other children. She is the best mom she supported me all the way theough college swimming and it's so cool that we can swim in a meet together even better that it is on mothers day! We are even swimming in the same relay on Mother's Day. I can't think of a better way to spend the day :)
    8 years ago.
    I will be donning my black shorts and white shirt to judge at the Region B East Zone Synchronized Swim Meet where my daughter and her teammates will be swimming and trying to qualify for Nationals. It'll be a chance to see my daughter in her last year of eligibility due to age.
    rosanne tejeda
    8 years ago.
    I am a former college swimmer, and now a swim coach! I have 3 young girls ages 12, 10 and 5 who all swim on the team! Usually we always have a long course swim meet, but this year we don't! So I will be spending the day in NJ with my MIL and the heading home to CT to spend the evening out to dinner with my mom, a true inspiration and breast cancer survivor! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! I hope that I inspire my girls the way my mom inspired me!!
    8 years ago.
    Becoming a mom definitely changes your life. Becoming a mom of THREE boys has changed ME significantly! We thrive on activity and love adventure.
    During the week, we are busy, busy, busy. I coach their USA team, so on the weekends, we enjoy time as a family (on non-meet weekends...away from the pool).
    This Mother's Day, the five of us are going Zip-lining in the Smokey Mountains! This is something that's been on our 'to do list' for years, and our youngest is finally big enough to go! We are very excited about 'flying' through the air instead of the water for an exciting change of pace!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    8 years ago.
    Well, I read Amanda's book, "In the Water, they can't see you cry", in a couple of days and then passed it along to a girlfriend who smashed it in one day and then I took it back (at swim practice) and decided that my near 13 year old could read it and so I asked her if she was interested. It took her a couple of days to get started, but decided she would open it up and independently start reading it. Since then the book has opened us up to conversations about all of the delicate subjects in Amanda's book - her life - and how it relates to my daughter and to myself, when I was a young swimmer. As a mother of a competitive swimmer who has faced some serious challenges as Amanda did, it gives me great heart that Amanda's book opened up a line of communication about all of these subjects. The fact that she feels comfortable coming to me to ask questions about this and that, as well as the VERY delicate subjects, means Amanda has done my family of 2 a true service and given us already a great gift. My daughter had the amazing gift of meeting Amanda here in Tucson with her former club and she keeps her picture by her bed. So I guess her lessons are meaning a lot to her too.

    Sunday, Mother's Day is the anniversary of the suicide of my daughter's father and my best friend so we usually don't celebrate it in a traditional sort of way because there is too much sadness connected to that day. We will definitely start out in gratitude as we celebrate me being a Mother (it's my favorite thing) at church and sing our lungs out! We will probably take turns reading aloud the last two chapters of "In the Water..." and then I'll help Stella write a great book report and then I imagine we'll do like we always do and go to the community pool and get some chlorinated fun and laps in, not to mention we need to get her summer swim suit for summer team ordered from, so that will have to be in there somewhere.

    All in all, I just want to thank A.B. for being a Mom I admire and a swimmer we'd both love to be. I keep her and her family in our prayers and will continue to do so. Thanks to SwimOutlet for keeping prices low on swim and gear, so even lower income families like ours, can swim USA in cool gear. Happy Mother's Day to every mother who is up at the crack of dawn, up late into the night, and always swim-taxiing down every road. May God keep you safe as you taxi your swimmers to and fro. Happy Mother's Day.
    Kerrie G
    8 years ago.
    Our family of 5 (three boys ages 11, 5 & 3) has a big day planned for Mother's Day!!

    In the morning we will go to church

    For lunch we are going to Mamaw's house for a barbecue

    Next- my favorite A NAP!!!

    (Weather permitting) We will spend the evening at the neighborhood pool swimming with family and friend :-)
    8 years ago.
    I am taking my daughter to a dive meet then out for a mother daughter dinner :)
    8 years ago.
    I'll be driving my son to his first long course meet. I'll be sitting in the stands (cheering him on quietly -- as he has asked me not to yell) with my younger son who is in a pre-competitive group. There's always so much to learn about swimming! It's so fun to watch, too.

    When we don't have a meet to go to, our favorite thing to do on Sundays is to go to our local community pool and just play in the deep end. No need for laps, that's what the coaches are for! We pretend to be dolphins and chase imaginary schools of fish. Maybe the other parents think I'm weird for making those dolphin noises, but it's fun!
    8 years ago.
    I will go swimming in the morning! Then it's off to a cousin's house with the family for our annual Mother's Day get together!
    8 years ago.
    My Mother's Day this year will be spent at my daughter's swim meet. I usually spend the day relaxing, but I guess being a supportive Mom is the true meaning. So watching my 10 year old racing, and hoping for fast times will be my gift this Mother's Day!
    Mary Zalinger
    8 years ago.
    Every mother's day my grandmother, my mom, and my sister go to the nursery together to pick out plants and flowers to begin gardening for the spring. It's tradition!
    For Liz
    8 years ago.
    My sweet wife and mother of our kids will probably try to keep us from celebrating her on Mother's Day. Like so many amazing moms, she is a giver and had a hard time receiving. I think we have a plan...I have scheduled a "date" with her to take her out to lunch, she thinks for just the two of us. Actually I have planned with her dad to bring her mom to meet us at the restaurant and the sitter will have the kids there waiting on us! A big surprise for everyone. I hope we can share just a glimpse of our appreciation for her and show just what she means to our family and have a great time celebrating two amazing moms.

    A dad who married WAY up in life...
    Tina Weber
    8 years ago.
    Start the day by hiking with the family and end the day swimming together for a couple of hours.
    8 years ago.
    Favorite activity with my mom has to be catching up while taking a long walk. We inevitably touch upon a range of topics which result in some valuable life lessons.
    8 years ago.
    Hiking with my husband and kids, followed by a picnic.
    Bernice Ochoa
    8 years ago.
    LOVE Amanda Beard!! Great video.
    8 years ago.
    We have a fish fry with my mother in is a tradition. My husband and the kids fry up the fish and make the sides and we put together some amazing fish tacos. The girls also pick out a beautiful hanging basket for their grandma's deck...and I get a basket too!
    8 years ago.
    I will be getting the house ready for BBQ. Son has swim practice. But will spend a lot of time reading my kindle.
    Maricarmen Saleta
    8 years ago.
    I will be waking up to train, then come back home, have breakfast with my 5year old son Esteban, and head straight to the beach with him. We will go paddleboarding, swimming and have a frozen lemonade! :-)
    Nicole g
    8 years ago.
    I plan to wake up to breakfast in bed Hopefully spend a nice day with the family outside maybe at a park for flying kites !
    8 years ago.
    Boy Scouting fundraising event with my 2 kids!!!
    8 years ago.
    My mom is 3,000 miles away so I will sending her a giftcard to her favorite store and flowers. My five sisters (all of us still swim!) will take her to brunch but I'll have to phone in my greetings of love. Hope to see her after school gets out!
    8 years ago.
    We don't have any meets yet, as our club swimming just started back up. I am busy trying to schedule swim lessons for our younger two daughters, and swim camp for our older daughter. Our oldest will also be preping for her first job as a Lifeguard at our city pool and waterpark. :-)
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