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  • Oct

    20 Things All Swimmers Do But Would Never Admit

    Eat, sleep, swim-- are we right? Swimming is a lifestyle, therefore there are certain tendencies and skills that all swimmers will adopt. Whether you want to admit it or not, here are 20 things that all swimmers do (the secret is out);

    1. We pretend our goggles are broken to skip out on half of the set (genius, right?)

    2. We make countless laps around the deck to scope out the cute swimmers from the opposing teams at swim meets

    3. We go days without washing our hair (or showering in general), because no matter how hard you try, the chlorine is permanent (so what's the point?)

    4. We sing the same songs in our head, over and over and over, for the entire practice 

    5. We pull on the laneline, a lot-- what coach doesn't see, won't hurt, right?

    6. We imagine what it would be like to be Missy Franklin or Michael Phelps

    7. We find secret pleasure in not having to shave for the majority of the season

    8. We complain about the sport, every single day (in our heads, but never out loud)

    9. We pee in the pool (deny it all you want, but we've all done it)

    10. We try to talk like our idol, eat like our idol, dress like our idol and swim like our idol

    11. We sometimes hide in the locker room-- whether we're hiding from the coach, warm-up, cool-down, or putting the covers on the pool, the locker room is a safe zone

    12. Speaking of pool covers...we like to play on them, run on them and swim underneath them (when coach isn't looking, of course)

    13. We pretend we're mermaids any time we're under the water for a long period of time

    14. We dream about food, every minute of every day

    15. We sometimes leave our swimsuits on when we use the restroom (judge us all you want, it's a talent)

    16. We secretly race our teammates in the next lane over during every set in practice (because no one wants to finish last)

    17. We sleep in our suits if we have a really early practice the next morning, because every extra minute of sleep counts

    18. We leave before the interval (on purpose), just to get a head start

    19. We fake being sick to get out of a really hard practice, on a really cold day

    20. We pretend we're whales breaching out of the water during warm-down (I mean, does anyone really take warm-down seriously?)

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    5 years ago.
    I think you are confused because you are both boys... as a girl taking off a one piece is pain in the a** so we hold it to one side and pee...!
    5 years ago.
    Thanks for getting back to me. :) Oh... WOW! ... Ok... I guess as a guy I just don't think about that cause I don't have to experience it. That's pretty cool I guess! That does sound like a pain though... I at least know that putting clothes on when your body is wet is a pain, so I'd imagine it's similar. IDK this isn’t the first time that girl’s swimsuit problems have gone oblivious to us guys though. Sometimes I think that guys should have to wear a girl’s swimsuit on occasion, just to know what it feels like. It'd be a pretty fun (and awkward...) team bonding experience! (But the weirder the better, right? :) ) Looking back on #15, I thought that you’d pee through your swimsuit…
    5 years ago.
    "Everyone has moved on to other posts and I'm still sitting here wondering about #15." :) Seriously though, I don't get it. Is it like #9, cause we leave our suits on then?... But I don't think S.O. would list the same thing twice... Please explain #15!
    5 years ago.
    So true! I read this to my state team and we all got a good laugh out of it! I don't understand #15 though. Someone want to explain? :/
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