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  • Aug

    20 Reasons Why We Love Back To School + Win a $250 Shopping Spree!

    Billabong Team Aloha Bomber Jacket + Roxy Atlanta Slip On Shoe

    The fall school year is back in session (or just around the corner for some), which means two things: back-to-school shopping and an unfavorable amount of homework.

    After practically living in swimsuits in the warm sun all summer long, it’s a given that your world is in for a wake-up call come the first day of school. Life becomes a constant juggle between friends, food, homework, sleep and swimming.

    It can be hard to coming back down from that summer time of leisure, but at the end of the day, going back-to-school isn’t totally terrible—so we put together our 20 reasons we all love going Back To School!

    Billabong Coconuts Hey Baby Tee + Billabong Wandering Soul Beach Pant + O'Neill Beachblazer Backpack

    1) Back to school shopping sprees (see below for a chance to win)
    2) A new high school swim team season
    3) Making new friends, while reuniting with old friends
    4) If you’re a parent, you get a little more peace and quiet (hallelujah)
    5) You trade in spending all day with coach, for spending it with a new teacher
    6) You get to show off your new backpack, and it’s not a swim backpack for once
    7) You can find a whole new look for those overly posed “buddy pictures” on team picture day
    8) You get a break from swim practice (even if it’s only for a few hours)
    9) New school supplies, because who doesn’t love a fresh notebook and colored pencils to doodle your team mascot with
    10)  School lunches
    11)  If you’re lucky, swimming might be included in PE class
    12)  You can trade in your swimsuit for real outfits
    13)  Getting your homework done before swim practice, so you can watch Netflix after dinner
    14)  The rare occasions you get out of class early for a swim meet
    15)  Recruiting your new classmates to join your team
    16)  If it’s your kids who are back in school, you’re probably cooking less
    17)  The weather this time of year is (usually) perfect
    18)  You have a get-out-of-jail-free-card if you’re late for practice
    19)  New year, new team swimsuits
    20)  A new sense of motivation

    To make your transition back to school a little easier, we’re giving one lucky reader a $250 shopping spree at! To enter, simply tell us why you love back to school in the comments below. All entries must be submitted by Friday, August 18 at 11:59pm PT.

    You can get extra entries by entering on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

    O'Neill Susannah Dress

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    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because of new friends, new clothes, new teachers and subjects, and new sports to try!
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because of how happy my younger siblings are when returning to school. They're willing to get up in the morning without a fuss and head out.b
    Amy Zhang
    3 years ago.
    I love buying new school supplies!
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because I love back to school shopping (supplies and clothes) and I love seeing my friends after the summer. I also love getting back into a set schedule of school and dancing. ??
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because you get to see all of your friends and get to go back to school clothes shopping! ??
    Heidi Porter
    3 years ago.
    As a parent of two swimming and water polo playing High School students, I love them going back to school to get back into that water with their team. Prepared with new Swimoutlet suits, Ultraswim, swedish goggles and Speedo backpacks all purchased from
    Abigail Matarelli
    3 years ago.
    My favorite part about back to school is diving into the deep end right away. From watching Netflix for hours on end to being very busy gets me really excited. I don't like being bored. I get very anxious. So school starts, I'm going to my classes, going to all my clubs, and all after school activities. Volleyball, dance, band, the whole nine yards. It's my favorite because it's everything I love to do.
    3 years ago.
    My favorite thing about school is basically everything because I get to see the majority of my old friends and make new ones! I also get to learn a lot of new stuff some of it really interests me! Although sadly we don't have a swim team or get to swim during the school year but I'm always happy when I get to swim during the summer and go to water parks! I also like school because I'm going to have a few new teachers and it's going to be awesome connecting with them and reconnecting with my old teachers too!!
    Genevieve casas
    3 years ago.
    My favorite thing about back to school is being able to find myself , join clubs and sports and be as outgoing as possible , and another thing is showing who I am by what I wear . My fashion is very outgoing like me and has a positive vibe .
    Sophie Mott
    3 years ago.
    My favorite thing about going back to school is seeing all my friends. I live in a small school with about 100 kids, k-12 so we are all friends. My class has 12 people in it (which is one of the biggest classes in the school) and we are like a second family to each other.
    Sophie Mott
    3 years ago.
    My favorite thing about going back to school is seeing all my friends. I go to a small school with about 100 kids k-12
    Breanna Fain
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because of the shopping and getting to see my friends again!
    3 years ago.
    I welcome back to school as a time to recharge and focus on advancing myself.
    Annabelle Rousseau
    3 years ago.
    I really love learning, so it's nice to be able to finally mentally challenge myself outside of the pool. I also share stories from swim with my friends at school (who don't swim).
    3 years ago.
    Return to School - Time to gear up, get wet and SWIM
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because now all of the kids will be out of the surf breaks, back at school, and we adults can get more waves! LOL!!
    Jensine Crowder
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because although summer is over a new chapter of fun and adventure awaits in the new school year. I love learning and meeting new people. And I also like being able to make an fashionable impression on my friends with new or last years restyled clothing. ??
    3 years ago.
    I like to go back to school because I get to meet new people get to see my old friends also I get to get new shoes and clothes and get my hair done and get my nails ND stuff done so I can set a good perspective about my self ... Also I love meeting new teachers and going on trips with my school
    3 years ago.
    I love coming back to a new year of school with a new schedule and another chance to make more lifelong friends and make new memories. You also have a whole new year to show off who you are and what better way than to show confidence with a showstopping outfit that'll make others want to get to know you better.
    3 years ago.
    I love getting back to school to get brand new teachers and a fresh start at learning!!
    3 years ago.
    I absolutely love going back to school! It gives me a chance to reunite with my friends and I love to learn. Also, water polo is here and I can't wait for the season to get started!!! :)
    Sarah Apalsch
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because I get to see all my old friends, and make new ones!!!!
    3 years ago.
    I love back to school because you get to see your friends more than usual. You have swimming more often with a new high school season. You get to sport your favorite outfits. There are so many great things about back to school, but those are just a few of my favorites.
    3 years ago.
    Back to school is really cool and I love it because you just get to see all your friends and hang with them, seeing what classes you'll be in this year and if you're lucky you'll have classes with your friends. So that means new teachers and new ways of them teaching to you. Also you never know if you'll meet new friends or old ones from the past :)
    Marcaela Allen
    3 years ago.
    I love back-to-school because I get to reconnect with my friends and teachers. Not only that but during the summer i feel very lazy and like I could be doing more and school gives me that drive and inspiration. Plus my outfits are bomb and I love showing everyone my outfit "creations."
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