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  • Dec

    16 New Year Resolutions That We Love

    It's that time of year again; we go buy the pretty journals, dig out our fancy pens, throw sequins around like confetti and start jotting down our over-ambitious New Year resolutions. Fast forward to March-- the sequins have lost their sparkle, the journals begin collecting dust under the bed and there are coffee stains on our precious list of goals. Let's be honest, 8-weeks into the new year and we've already forgotten our resolutions. 

    Well, here are 16 resolutions that (we think) are worth remembering in 2016; 

    1. This year we will skip less practices

    2. This year we will try not to get mad at coach when (s)he makes us swim butterfly

    3. This year we will eat more salad (with our pizza)

    4. This year we will try something we've never tried before-- whether that's a 5K run, a new event at a meet, yoga before practice or a triathlon

    5. This year we will wear more sunscreen

    6. This year we will try our hardest, even on our off days

    7. This year we will say thank you to our parents for shuttling us to and from swim

    8. This year we will be more positive during practice (yes, even at morning practice)

    9. This year we will remember how great we are, even when we're struggling

    10. This year we will cheer on more of our teammates, even when they're our competition

    11. This year we will drink more water before, during and after practice

    12. This year we will recognize how far we have come, even if it's not exactly where we want to be

    13. This year we will dream big

    14. This year we will remember why we love to swim-- especially on those days we hate swimming

    15. This year we will set realistic goals for ourselves 

    16. This year we will make it our best year yet

    Tell us your 2016 resolution(s) in the comments below and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card to to buy yourself your favorite training items for the new year. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm PT on Thursday January 7, 2016. One entry per person. 

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    Dave From Texas
    5 years ago.
    1. Spend more time working on the things that aren't my strengths.I intend to get out of my comfort zone on the road to becoming the best swimmer and person possible.
    2. Run more. Coming from a strength background I tend to either lift or swim. Running is a weakness and i must work on my weaknesses!
    3. Compete. Whether that's in crossfit, running, or swimming. Put myself out there and my skills to the test
    4. Wear my Speedo in the pool even though I currently look much more late 90s WWF wrestler in it than I do swimmer.
    5. Eat less pizza and more vegetables. Track everything and not just on good days.
    5 years ago.
    My New Year's Resolution is to swim a lot more often! And also to lose weight... which is related to the first one. :)
    Valeria Llerenas
    5 years ago.
    My 2016 resolutions are ...
    1.train more to become better finish what i've started accomplish my dream of losing weight become a better swimmer
    5. To try a 5k for the first time
    6.To do more swimming than what my coaches ask for
    7.To improve on my strokes
    8.To have time management and be able to do homework and go to practices
    9.To eat healthier
    10. To miss less practices
    11.To not give up
    12.To help my teammates improve
    13.To be thankful to my parents for supporting me in every aspect
    14. To live everyday as if there was no tomorrow
    15.To give everything i've got in order for me and my team to become better
    16.To live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it !!!!
    5 years ago.
    This year we will ignore those who say that we didn't earn that ribbon, medal, or trophy.
    Monica Hernandez
    5 years ago.
    My new year resolution is to learn how to swim so I can do a Tri! Just bought my first swimsuit from you.
    5 years ago.
    I want to walk a 5k for the first time. It has been a few years since I could really work out so this year is it!
    5 years ago.
    Whatever makes my soul feel good.
    5 years ago.
    My New Years resolution is to drink water and eat healthier so that I can have energy to do my best in practice.
    John S.
    5 years ago.
    Resolution number 1: Kona. And maybe an ultramarathon or two inbetween.
    5 years ago.
    To GAIN 10 pounds despite swim practice
    5 years ago.
    To do more cross training this year, including strength training twice a week and yoga once a week.
    Ashley Lugbill
    5 years ago.
    My New Years resolution is to drink more water at school and at swim practice/dry land. I would also like to give it my all. Even when I am sore. :)
    5 years ago.
    My New Years resolution is I want to say thank you to my coaches everyday to thank them for using there time to help me get better.
    Tabitha Thornhill Jones
    5 years ago.
    I will not let my pull bouy get slimy. I will be nice to it and care for it.
    I will do core 2x per week minimum
    I will swim around Key West in June 2016
    5 years ago.
    I want to start enjoying practice a little more. I want to drop more time in my 200 IM and I hope i will never have to swim the 200 fly again!
    Jenn R
    5 years ago.
    This year I will push myself out of my comfort zone, cause that's where the magic happens!
    Nikki Fahey
    5 years ago.
    to not have a resolution and just live to my best!
    5 years ago.
    My New Years Resolution is to:
    1) Get back in the pool
    2) Train for USA club swim team
    3) Join Summer USA club swim
    4) Never stop swimming again
    5 years ago.
    My stretch goal is to target to complete a full distance triathlon in this yr that I turn 50!
    Coach H
    5 years ago.
    Buy my new suits before the old ones get baggy! Ick!
    chrissy gribschaw
    5 years ago.
    My 2016.New Year resolution is to earn more money this year and spend more time with my husband and children
    Brett Andersen
    5 years ago.
    My new years resolution is to actually get I the water. Haha im just kidding my actual resolution is to be good enough to win a swim outlet gift card.
    Hillary G
    5 years ago.
    My resolution this year is to get back on track after an injury so I can swim full practices again!
    Jillian Miller
    5 years ago.
    This year I will use every positive piece of influence and encouragement all of my coaches gave to me.. And pass it along to the team I now coach! Getting better & stronger by the day!
    5 years ago.
    My resolution is to hit 3000 meters per hour in my swim sessions!
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