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Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (190)

To complete my first 70.3, Boulder here i come .. #IMBoulder70.3!...

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (190)

I want to swim a four km open water!

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (190)

Qualify for the Chesapeake Bay swim (4+ miles)

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (190)

I would like to finish my first triathlon, and not be last in any...

Four Tips for Your First Triathlon of the Season (190)

First triathlon relay for team Younglife raising money for kids t...

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  • Mar

    The Gangloff Review: FINIS Edge Fin

    by Mark Gangloff, Olympic Gold Medalist

    I don’t normally do stand-alone product reviews at, as we usually compare a group of items in one product category, but FINIS has been such an innovator with training accessories and workout equipment over the years that it made sense to test out their newest innovation to hit the market.

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  • Mar

    Top 2016 Tech Suits Compared - The Expert Review

    TOP 2016 TECH SUITS REVIEWED (all prices subject to change at any time)

    2016 Men's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Arena Carbon Ultra - Gangloff Review | *Available Soon
    FINIS Onyx - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    A3 Perfomance Legend - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Funky Trunks Apex Stealth - Gangloff Review | *Available Late March 2016
    Jaked JKeel - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    FINIS Fuse - Gangloff Review | Product Page

    2016 Women's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Arena Carbon Ultra - Stupp Review | *Available Soon
    FINIS Onyx - Stupp Review | Product Page
    A3 Perfomance Legend - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Funkita Apex Stealth - Stupp Review | *Available Late March 2016
    Jaked JKeel - Stupp Review | Product Page
    FINIS Fuse - Stupp Review | Product Page

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  • Feb

    2016 Will Be a Banner Year For Swimming

    by Staff

    Even with all the on-going chatter about the Zika virus and concerns over a lack of readiness from the Brazilian hosts, it’s hard not to get excited about 2016. After all, it’s an Olympic year, right?!

    This is the year when heroes in our sport are made, when races become legend and our aquatics athletes are part of water cooler conversations across the country. Scratch that, across the globe!

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  • Jan

    15 Things We're Looking Forward To In 2016

    We're starting the new year off right-- starry-eyed and excited. More specifically, we're looking forward to another year of fun in the sun (and rain), dreading and loving practice at the same time, and hiding from coach in the locker rooms (just kidding). Who's with us?

    Here's what we're really looking forward to most in 2016 at;

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  • Dec

    2015 Awards

    It’s time for our first annual year-end Awards, recognizing the best in aquatics for this calendar year. So we looked back on some of the best performances, funniest moments and best products that we saw in 2015. Here’s our list – hot off the press – just in time for New Years!

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  • Nov

    Brand Q&A: Catching Up With MP Michael Phelps

    The new MP Michael Phelps brand launched in early 2015 with a line of performance goggles and continued with the much-awaited debut of the XPRESSO tech suit, worn in competition by the most decorated Olympian of all-time himself. This fall featured the debut of the MP line of training suits and the brand continues to expand its offerings. We caught up with representatives from Aqua Sphere responsible for the MP Michael Phelps brand to get the latest scoop on swimming’s newest performance line. Blog: It’s been just over a year since the MP brand was announced, we’re guessing it’s been a busy year. Tell us some of the biggest things that were needed to get the brand up and running!

    MP Michael Phelps: We engaged our global team, from top management through Marketing, Product Development and Sales. It was critical to set-up a way to seamlessly feed ideas from Michael and Bob (Bowman) to our Marketing and Product Development teams. As we identified new product opportunities, we integrated Michael and Bob in the proof of concept and prototype testing to verify that we were meeting their expectations. When launching a new brand, it’s critical that it stands for something different and that the products clearly represent that; Michael Phelps has a vision to change the sport of swimming and the MP brand is one way to help accomplish this vision.

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  • Aug

    Get to Know...Mark Gangloff

    Mark Gangloff’s swimming career is multi-faceted and spans over two decades. As a swimmer, he has been an age-grouper, collegiate athlete and Olympic Champion. Now retired from competition, he uses his experiences to impact the next generation of young athletes as a clinician on the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by and a coach at The University of Missouri.

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  • Apr

    Introducing: the Speedo LZR Racer X

    By Megan Mills, Associate Category Manager, Competition Swim

    Any time a new technical suit is rumored to be coming out from one of the leading swim brands, the buzz begins on deck and in the water. What will it look like? What is the new material? When can I get it?

    Speedo is a household name in our sport and we know when they introduce a new product, specifically a technical suit, it’s going to be a top product. We were right.

    After much pre-launch promotion and hype, the date is finally here to get your own Speedo LZR Racer X!

    When the retail team first saw the suit, we saw that the LZR X had taken the Fastskin line to a new level. I was incredibly excited to finally see and touch the suit for the first time in our office last month.

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  • Mar

    Brand Q&A: Catching up with TYR

    TYR recently launched their latest Avictor tech suit in their line-up to much critical acclaim. The suit received straight A’s in our 2015 Tech Suit Reviews and has made an impression for its colorful style. But TYR is more than just a top-of-the-line tech suit. We caught up with TYR’s media rep Erika Amandola on some of the latest TYR developments. Blog: The TYR Avictor is your new statement suit, tell us a little bit about the product development and characteristics of the suit?

    Erika Amandola: This suit has been a pursuit of ingenuity two years in the making. Manufactured in the United States, it stands alone from so many other suits on the market, and that is something we as an American based company, are very proud of. From the start we were dedicated to utilizing the latest technology in both materials and manufacturing. Now fully developed, the suit consists of three major advancements. The first, Hydrosphere Technology, allows swimmers to maintain a position higher above the water, reducing drag and adding speed. The second, Speed Dry Fabrication, enables swimmers to feel lighter and dry faster. Finally, Super Flex Bonding, conforms to the swimmer’s body to provide a durable, 360 degree stretch.

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  • Jul

    The Gangloff Review: Mark Gangloff & Julie Stupp Break Down the Latest Swim Watches

    By Mark Gangloff, Olympic Gold Medalist

    For quite some time “land” athletes have benefitted from technology. Between watches, GPS devices, computers, and even shoes that provide key metrics, land athletes have been able to track their training, compare results, and set goals rather easily. In the pool, we are often left to our own devices (no pun intended): counting.

    Recently, there has been a transition to swimmer-friendly technology. Among them, has launched in beta this summer, providing a swim tracking and workout platform that is compatible across multiple wearables, including some tech watches that I have reviewed here.

    Tech watches – some people call them smart watches – for swimmers provide key feedback and relieve the athlete of counting, tracking, and roping an innocent bystander into keep your pace.

    Over the last several weeks, I have tried many tech watches for swimmers. I am thrilled about these innovations and what they could do for our sport and our athletes so a brief overview follows.



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  • Jun

    Swim Like a Champion Video Series Wins National Award

    The Telly Awards has named the “Swim Like a Champion” DVD series – available online exclusively at – as a Silver Winner in the 35th Annual Telly Awards. “Swim Like a Champion” was produced by The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour presented by together with Championship Productions and has been the best-selling training video on since its launch last December.

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  • Dec

    Swim Like a Champion DVDs: Behind-the-Scenes of the Production

    By Chloe Sutton

    When I work with the Fitter & Faster Team, I know that no matter what we do, we do it big! We take an idea and we do everything possible to make it the best thing out there. When you’re working with a group of Olympic Swimmers, you know that we’re competitive, disciplined, and we never settle for anything but an epic success. So when I was invited along with a group of my favorite fellow Olympic swimmers to San Jose, California for a secret project, I knew that something amazing was in the process. 



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  • Aug

    Top Tech Suits and Fashion Suits at 2013 Worlds

    While the world was checking out times and tallying scores at the recent 2013 Swimming Worlds, the fashionistas at noticed other aspects of the meet: the best and brightest swimsuits on display in Barcelona.

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  • Jul

    Steves Test of Gleam

    This is a test

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  • Jun

    Top Self Massagers Compared - The Gangloff Review


    Hey guys! It’s Mark Gangloff and I am back with another product review. Let me start this post by thanking everyone who gave feedback on my last post. Your comments, questions, and general interest have gotten me even more excited about continuing to share my own experience and thoughts with you about the products that I choose and love. I hope you will enjoy this review just as much! 

    This review will be a little bit different from the last one, as it is not about equipment that I use in the pool. Instead, it is an out-of-water, out-of-practice piece of equipment.  Yet, it’s VITAL to my success. I have been swimming for the last 22 years and I have never had any major injuries. One of the most common questions that I am asked is, "How do you prevent injuries?" My answer is always, "I get regular massages." Most people think (and sometimes even say), "Oh he is an Olympian and is entitled to a fancy massage." I have to explain to them that while I do get a massage every two weeks, the majority of massages I do myself.  I give myself some sort of massage at least every other day – if not every day. 

    While this review is not intended to be a teaching session, I must say this: DO NOT WALK OFF DECK WITH TIGHT MUSCLES. IT MAKES TOMORROW MUCH HARDER. While stretching does help, I find a combination of stretching and massage is what really allows me to maintain high levels of performance day in and day out.

    During this review, I am going to be speaking specifically about three of the products that SwimOutlet carries:

    1. AeroMat Elite Foam Roller
    2. Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager
    3. Moji 360 Massager

    There are 18 different foam rollers and massagers on, but many of them are variations of the same product. So I will review these three categories and will do my best to make suggestions about the other products along the way. I will start this review with the most general type of massager and move onto massagers great for specific uses. 

    First and foremost: Why use a self-massager? The main reason for using a self-massager is for myofacial release, which is a fancy way of saying “relaxing tight muscles.” The other, less obvious reason to use a self-massager is to warm up before a workout. In fact, I use one kind of massager for warming up and another for muscle relaxation. I’ll explain my reasoning throughout the review.

    Here we go…

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  • Jun

    The Gangloff Review: Top Pull Buoys Compared



    Pull Buoys - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Head Swimming Pull Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Better Times Pull Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Sporti Pull Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Aqua Sphere Pull Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo Adult Pull Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    TYR Training Pull Float - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Aqua Sphere Ergo Buoy - Gangloff Review | Product Page

    Kick Pulls - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    Speedo Pull Kick - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Arena Pull Kick - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Aqua Sphere Pull/Push/Kick - Gangloff Review | Product Page

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  • Feb

    What to Look for When Choosing a Women's Tech Suit - The Julie Stupp Guide

    This month, has brought in Olympic gold medalist Mark Gangloff and former US Olympic Trials finalist Julie Stupp to do independent reviews of some of the top tech suits on the market. Those reviews will come later in Februaryclick here to checkout those reviews and here's a quick "what to look for in a tech suit" written by Julie for women's suits. You can also check this handy reference guide from on women's tech suits here.

    Choosing a Women's Tech Suit

    By Julie Stupp

    When choosing a racing suit, each individual athlete has their own likes, dislikes and style preference. You can compare choosing a suit to differing stroke techniques. Every swimmer's stroke is built from the basic technique, but every swimmer has their own flair. Just like every suit has a basic cut, but each suit has its own differing high-tech qualities that makes it stand out.

    While one particular stroke technique or suit brand works for swimmer A, it may not work for swimmer B. When I choose a suit I look for five main components including: 1.) ease to get in; 2.) fit; 3.) comfort while swimming all four disciplines; 4.) compression and; 5.) durability.

    1) Ease to get in
    When I am at a major competition I don’t want the suit to take me too long (more than 8-10 minutes) to get on and I definitely don’t want it to wear me out in the process. If I get too tired while putting on a suit or it becomes a struggle, it is not worth the trouble.

    2) Fit
    The fit of the suit is very important in competition. For me, the suit must not be too tight in the shoulders and it must be long enough in the legs. If the suit is too tight in the shoulders then I know my muscles will easily fatigue in a race, because of all the tension the suit is causing. The suit’s length in the legs is also important to me, because if the suit is too short then it will most likely be too tight around my quads and hamstrings. This tightness can cause a loss of circulation throughout my body, which can cause fatigue and hinder my race performance.

    3) Comfort while swimming all four strokes
    Because I swim the Individual Medley, I must have a suit that functions very well in all four of the strokes. If the suit is comfortable for only a few of the strokes, it does me no good. I want a suit that will stay in place for the breaststroke, create compression in my core and legs for butterfly and freestyle and one that will resist water in the chest for backstroke. This is a tall order but there are definitely suits that have all of these qualities.

    4) Compression
    Finding the perfect balance of compression is tricky. If a suit is too tight you can lose sensation and fatigue quickly but if a suit is too loose you run the risk of trapping water in your chest, torso or legs, which causes major drag. I like my suit to be on the tighter side of compression throughout my core and legs, but I don’t want it to be too t Read More

  • Feb

    Top Swim Paddles Compared - The Gangloff Review



    Arena Vortex (Medium) - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Aqua Sphere Vortex V8 - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Aqua Sphere Ergo Flex - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    TYR Training Catalyst Contour - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo Contoured Swim Paddles - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo Training Paddles - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo I.M. Tech Paddles - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo Power Paddles - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Strokemakers - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    FINIS Agility Paddle - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo Bio Fuse Finger Paddles - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Strokemax Antipaddle - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    FINIS PT - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    TYR Training Catalyst Connect - Gangloff Review | Product Page

    He’s back! Olympic gold medalist and University of Missouri Assistant Swim Coach Mark Gangloff has prepared another round of performance reviews exclusively for This month’s reviews focus on an all-important training accessory: paddles. Later this month, we’ll review some of the top performance suits for 2013. Happy reading!


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  • Jul

    Omaha Trip Contest Winner: Inspirational and a Hero

    From April to June, we held our Omaha Video Contest. The videos were aimed at promoting a positive message about the sport of swimming. It was a success! Contestants were asked to submit a video responding to the question: "How has swimming inspired you?" The grand prize winner received an all-expenses paid trip to Omaha for Swim Trials (a $6,000 value including flight, hotel, 2 tickets to the meets, and $150 spending cash per day)! We received a lot of video entries. Our judges had a tough decision to make, but finally came to a verdict. Continue Reading...



    Read More
  • Jun

    Top Training Fins Compared - The Gangloff Review

    FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins
    Speedo Biofuse Training Fin
    TYR CrossBlade Training Fin
    Sporti Training Swim Fins
    HEAD Swimming Energy Swim Fin
    Arena Tech Fin

    Hi guys, Mark Gangloff here! Welcome to my first product comparison post! I thought hard about which review I would like to do first, and decided to start with fins for several reasons. My primary reason is that fins are probably my favorite piece of equipment. It is very difficult to create high speeds during training and putting on fins instantly gives you that speed you are looking for. Also, during longer swims, I believe it helps you maintain better form throughout the course of a set or workout.  Continue Reading...

    Read More


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