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How to Choose Prescription Swim Goggles (1283)

Hi ! my son is in high school competitive swimming team and swim...

How to Plan a Triathlon Season (12)

My "A" race this year will be Redondo Beach Tri

How to Plan a Triathlon Season (12)


How to Plan a Triathlon Season (12)

Finntriathlon Joroinen 70.3, number one event in Finland.

How to Plan a Triathlon Season (12)

Nicetri st Neots Olympic Tri

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  • Dec

    2015 Awards

    It’s time for our first annual year-end Awards, recognizing the best in aquatics for this calendar year. So we looked back on some of the best performances, funniest moments and best products that we saw in 2015. Here’s our list – hot off the press – just in time for New Years!

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  • Nov

    Brand Q&A: Catching Up With MP Michael Phelps

    The new MP Michael Phelps brand launched in early 2015 with a line of performance goggles and continued with the much-awaited debut of the XPRESSO tech suit, worn in competition by the most decorated Olympian of all-time himself. This fall featured the debut of the MP line of training suits and the brand continues to expand its offerings. We caught up with representatives from Aqua Sphere responsible for the MP Michael Phelps brand to get the latest scoop on swimming’s newest performance line. Blog: It’s been just over a year since the MP brand was announced, we’re guessing it’s been a busy year. Tell us some of the biggest things that were needed to get the brand up and running!

    MP Michael Phelps: We engaged our global team, from top management through Marketing, Product Development and Sales. It was critical to set-up a way to seamlessly feed ideas from Michael and Bob (Bowman) to our Marketing and Product Development teams. As we identified new product opportunities, we integrated Michael and Bob in the proof of concept and prototype testing to verify that we were meeting their expectations. When launching a new brand, it’s critical that it stands for something different and that the products clearly represent that; Michael Phelps has a vision to change the sport of swimming and the MP brand is one way to help accomplish this vision.

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  • Oct

    Top 2015 Tech Suits Compared - The Expert Review

    TOP 2015 TECH SUITS REVIEWED (all prices subject to change at any time)

    2015 Men's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    *NEW* MP Michael Phelps Xpresso - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Speedo LZR Racer X - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Arena Carbon Flex WC Edition - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    TYR Avictor - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Hammerhead Silver Armor - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Dolfin Titanium - Gangloff Review | Product Page (available 4/1)
    Arena Carbon Air - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Rocket Science LIGHT2 - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Jaked Jkatana - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    Blueseventy neroFIT - Gangloff Review | Product Page
    [Note: Speedo LZR Racer X and the new Michael Phelps’ “MP” suit will be added when available]

    2015 Women's Elite Technical Suits - Jump to Reviews | Visit Category Page
    *NEW* MP Michael Phelps Xpresso - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Speedo LZR Racer X - Stupp Review | Product Page
    Arena Carbon Flex WC Edition- Stupp Review | Product Page
    TYR Avictor - Stupp Review | Product Page

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  • Aug

    Interscholastic Coach of the Month Award - August

    Coaches are the backbone of any swim team and frequently the unsung heroes of an athlete’s success. They are the instructors, motivators, teachers and role models for many young athletes and swimmers. That’s why it’s important that partners with organizations like the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA). Every month, we recognize a different coach around the country for their tireless devotion to our sport and its athletes with our Coach of the Month Award.

    This month’s Coach of the Month spotlights Norman Schueckler, a 33-year coaching veteran at Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School in Honeoye Falls, New York. Congrats!

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  • Jul

    The Long Journey to Rio, Part 1

    By Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic triathlete

    I have been a pro triathlete for 11 years and each day I have two ultimate goals that I work towards:

    1) Be the best athlete that I can be;
    2) Represent my country at the Olympics

    As an athlete, the opportunity to compete in the Olympics comes around once every four years when the lucky few get to compete for a spot on their country’s Olympic team. I had the opportunity to represent the United States in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics and I just missed the team in 2012 despite being ranked #1 in the U.S. I am going for it again in 2016 and I will be sharing my experiences on that road with you.

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  • Apr

    For Michael Phelps, MP Line is Just Another Goal to Conquer

    By Megan Mills, Associate Category Manager, Competition Swim

    For a guy who’s won 22 Olympics medals and set numerous world records in his career, you’d think it would take quite a big event to get Michael Phelps excited. Not so when it comes to the launch of his newMP line of swim suits and accessories later this spring.

    “I can’t tell you how excited I am for these products,” said Phelps earlier this month at Loyola College pool, his smile beaming ear to ear. “To be part of the development team and creation of a new line of gear has been incredibly exciting for me and I’m really proud of the products coming out.”

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  • Feb

    Top Running Shoes Compared - The Shoemaker Review

    by Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic Triathlete

    The first thing to know about shoes: picking shoes is a very personal decision. What your friend or brother likes does not mean it will work for you. sent me 4 pairs of shoes to compare for a 2015 Spring Show Review – the Saucony Kinvara 5, the Mizuno Wave Rider 18, the Asics Gel Cumulus 16 and the Altra The One. The first three are cushioned shoes for daily training, and the last one is a tempo or racing shoe.

    It is important to check the soles of your shoes and see when they become worn down, an old pair of shoes can actually cause injuries. One way to check is to put your hand into your shoe and press on the midfoot and forefoot and see if there is any cushion left. If the shoe is dead you will feel that the cushioning has been compressed and it will feel hard. Once you have pressed into a new shoe and an old shoe, it is pretty easy to tell the difference between the two.

    Most shoes should last 300-400 miles. So let’s say you run 3-4 miles per day – that means your shoes would last 100 days, or about 3-4 months. But each person wears shoes differently depending on how they land. Make sure that you are not wearing your shoes too long, or even better is to find two pairs of shoes you like and alternate days running in them. This will make the shoes last a bit longer, as it will allow the cushioning to rebound a bit before you run in them again.

    One piece of advice is to look at the bottom of your old shoes and see where you are landing. Heel? Midfoot? Forefoot? It is good to check this out on each pair of shoes you wear through. People don’t do that enough. The wear on your shoe tells you a lot about your gait and how your foot lands.

    Onto the specific shoes and remember that picking shoes is personal. These shoes are all well-built shoes and your feet will enjoy any of them.

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  • Dec

    Testing with the Pebble Watch

    By Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic Triathlete

    One of the newest innovations in swim training are swim watches. A few years ago, Garmin was the leading swim watch to track your open water swimming, but now there are several swim watches that will record data, while you swim in a pool.’s sister company launched earlier this year with a training platform that is geared entirely towards using swim data to help athletes improve. The other training sites on the market are built towards multisport and are not efficient at analyzing data from swim watches. It is easy to tally distances, but nothing beyond that. has a few other great assets including local pool and club databases and social media connections. The site has been built to not only help swimmers improve, but also to allow swimmers to compare against other swimmers at their pools and in their circle of friends. This kind of social sharing has become especially popular in sports like running and cycling. These attributes are great to help motivate, improve and even create new training groups.

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  • Dec

    The Shoemaker Holiday Gift Guide

    By Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic triathlete

    It's holiday time and that means scrambling to find that perfect present. Unfortunately I will not be able to predict anybody’s perfect present, but I will give a few suggestions that can help you buy for your favorite athlete.

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  • Nov

    Fall & Winter is a great time for Swim Classes!

    By United States Lifesaving Association, a partner

    The United States Lifesaving Association reminds all of us this fall – especially parents – that it is always a good time for swim lessons! Indoor swim classes are great for a winter activity.

    As the cooler season approaches in northern climates, there may be less outdoor water activity, but it’s a great time to get kids to the pool to teach them to swim. Learning to swim is the first defense against drowning. Teach children to swim at an early age. Children who are not taught when they are very young tend to avoid swim instruction as they age, often due to embarrassment.

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  • Oct

    Road Cycling for Beginners

    by Jarrod Shoemaker, 2008 Olympic Triathlete

    As we head into the fall season it is a great time to start road cycling! As a sport, cycling has very low impact and very low stress on the body compared to running and the two are comparable aerobically. It can be a great way to get outside and check out the changing leaves.

    Cycling also has a lower heart rate compared to running, so overall it can be easier to be outside for longer.


    First things first, NEVER ride without a helmet. There is NO reason you should be without one. One slip or fall or car you do not see and a helmet WILL save you from head injury.

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  • Sep

    Fall into Fashion: SwimOutlet Style Giveaway!

    As the last of summer's seashells are washing back to sea, we're packing up our beach blankets and hanging up our surfboards. Although we're sad to see the care-free days in bikinis go, we're welcoming sweater weather with open arms. Whether it's the football, all of the pumpkin-spiced goodies, the autumn leaves, the cozy candles, or the fun new fashions after a summer in cut-offs and tanks-- there's just something so refreshing about fall. 

    As swimmers, we know that we don't get to hang up our swimsuits and goggles just because the summer sun is setting (do we ever get a break?). But regardless of our countless hours in speedos and our chlorine hair tied up in knots, we can't help but fall in love with all of the fall fashions this year. Here are some of our favorites: 

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  • Jul

    The Road to 70.3 - Race Day

    By Jordan Turner, Social Media Coordinator

    “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.” I will be the first to admit that I found a lot of excuses on the road to 70.3, most of which involved avoiding my bike. However eventually, after countless hours of training, endless support, a few meltdowns and some serious soul searching, I also found my way.

    On July 26, I completed my very-first 70.3 distance triathlon, Barb’s Race in Sonoma County. Crossing the finish line after a long 70 miles— a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and 13.1-mile run—is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it was my biggest athletic accomplishment to date.

    I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind would sign up to race 70 miles in the first place? Well, being that I am young and fairly active (and maybe a little bit crazy), I am constantly finding new ways to challenge myself. At first, after college, it was a 5k fun run here and there—emphasis on fun (often times a tutu and paint were involved). When I got bored with the local 3-mile courses, I graduated to half-marathons. After having a handful of half-marathons under my belt, I decided it was time to test the waters in a triathlon (you see where I am going with this?). A few races later, I found myself standing on the edge of the Russian River in Guerneville, CA anxiously awaiting the 10-second countdown to my first 70.3 triathlon.

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  • Jul

    U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month - July is proud of its partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming and carries a full line of U.S. Masters Swimming products from training accessories to swim gear. Each month, we look forward to highlighting some of the great swimming clubs across the U.S. that feature Masters teams for all types of swimmers. This months’ team comes from sunny California with the Mountain View Masters Swim & Social Club. features a full-service team division that offers customization and bulk order discounts. We also have a team affiliate program that allows teams to set up their own online store to earn cash back for their team or club.

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  • Jul

    Must-Have Gear for the First Time Triathlete

    by Evan Rudd, Triathlon Category Manager

    Maybe your best friend talked you into it. Maybe you’re looking for an athletic challenge that takes you outside the confines of a gym. Maybe you lost a bet. Whatever your reason for committing to your first triathlon, your life will never be the same.

    Once you cross that finish line, you’ll be able to call yourself a triathlete, which is a pretty impressive bullet point to add to your résumé of life. But in order to cross that line in a blaze of sweaty glory, you’ll need a few pieces of essential gear to help get you there. You’ll also need to train for whatever event you’re planning to participate in, but this article is focused on the equipment you’ll need for your first triathlon. 

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  • Apr

    The Training Arena - Q&A with Laura Sogar


    The latest installment of our series about training features Arena athlete Laura Sogar.

    Leave a question or comment for Laura below by May 5 11:59PM, and you will be entered to win a pair of the Arena COBRA goggles.

    1) We all know getting in the pool can be a struggle some days, what keeps you motivated on days like this?

    I will be the first to admit how hard getting up for those 5:30 morning workouts can be but thinking about my competition and if they are working hard that morning always gets me motivated to make sure I am not losing out on any training time. It helps that I always end up having fun with my teammates once I am at workout and any of that initial desire not to go is quickly forgotten when we are laughing during warmup.

    2) What does the inside of your swim bag look like- do you have a favorite practice suit, type of goggle, or training accessory?

    I really really love my arena challenge back suit, I wear them every single day at workout and they’re super comfortable and flattering. As far as equipment goes I cannot do without my kickboard. Kicking is a huge part of my stroke so I spend a lot of quality time with my board doing kick sets. I also am getting really into yoga so at a meet you can often see me with my yoga block stretching out before warmup.

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  • Nov

    The Training Arena - Q&A with Caitlin Leverenz


    Here is our monthly blog featuring a Q&A with an Arena athlete talking about all things training! November's edition features 22-year-old Caitlin Leverenz, a 2012 Olympic Medalist and NCAA athlete at University of California Berkeley. Leave a question or comment for Caitlin to answer at the bottom by November 29 and you’ll be entered to win an Arena towel and goggles!

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  • Aug

    Six Great Out-of-Pool Styles for Fall

    Just when you were starting to show off your sun-tan, you notice the season changing. In fall, a brisk breeze accompanies the sunshine, and the days begin to shorten. It might just be time to retire your cut-offs and pull out your cardigans from the depths of your closet. As much as we'd like to embrace the idea of an endless summer, there are so many great things about fall, and we are all over this season's fresh fall fashions.

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  • May

    Expert Product Review: New Balance 890v3 Running Shoe

    The team at and will be running in The Color Run 5k San Jose this month, so we thought we’d try out a pair of colorful running shoes as training gets underway this week!

    The growing popularity of lightweight running shoes has been building for the past several years, but what seemed to be primarily a fashion-driven movement done for looks and style has very much become a functional development as some of the best running brands have entered into the category with terrific designs.

    A few of the brands that focus on running technology have been putting a greater emphasis on making these lightweight shoes into terrific running shoes by their own accounts – not just resting on the laurels of the low-profile silhouette itself.

    The New Balance 890v3 very much falls into this category: a good-looking, lightweight shoe that still doubles as a terrific runner. At 9.55 oz, it’s roughly 25% lighter than New Balance’s classic 990v3 design – so it checks the lightweight test.

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  • Dec's Top 10 Viral Swimming Videos of 2012

    We made a list and checked it twice. With the end of the year upon us, we thought we’d look back on some of the best viral videos from 2012. Enjoy some laughs and Happy New Year from

    #10 - Elon Swim Club goes Gangnam Style
    It’s the biggest video phenomenon of all time, here’s the swimming version!
    #9 - Tony Azevedo's Lamborghini Trick Shot Video
    See U.S.A. Water Polo star Tony Azevedo pull off quite an unbelievable trick shot during a kids clinic in California.
    #8 - Breaking the Ice
    A man cannonballs into a frozen pool. Watch it and wince!
    #7 - Matt Grevers' On Deck Proposal
    How about this for catching your girlfriend by surprise! Great work from Olympic champion Matt Grevers.
    #6 - The Meaning of Jeah!
    Ryan Lochte takes us through the various interpretations and meanings of his own addition to Webster’s Dictionary: “JEAH”

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  • Aug

    Ryan Lochte & Launch Fan Photo Contest

    Within the first hour of launching the Team Lochte Photo Contest, over 50 fans had already submitted photos. Participants said the reason why they jumped on this opportunity so fast was due to the amazing grand prize: a 1-on-1 phone call with Ryan Lochte. 

    Would you also like a chance to win a 1-on-1 PHONE CALL WITH RYAN LOCHTE?! All you have to do is submit a photo of yourself wearing the Lochte Glasses, made famous by Ryan himself with appearances on The Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and NBC Olympics in London. Make sure to have your friends vote for you -- The person with the most votes and the highest rating wins the grand prize of a 1-on-1 call with Ryan Lochte! Prizes will also be given out weekly throughout the contest: A pair of the Lochte Glasses signed by Ryan.


    If you're a Lochte fan, you'll love this contest: It's dripping with Lochte likeness. The photos even have an advanced "JEAH" rating system! Can you get more "JEAHs" than Jimmy Fallon? 


    To find out more or to enter the contest, click here.

    Don’t have a pair of Lochte glasses yet? Click here!