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Arena Women's Limited Edition Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit

rating star It made her go faster!

By Swim Mom from Columbus, OH on 2/21/2018 7:33:36 AM

Size: TRUE

I didn't want to spend this much on a suit, but my daughter has stopped growing taller so I told her "this is the last one!" Make it last through the rest of high school." She is 5'7" and we ordered a 28. Some girls her size go for a 24, but not sure why. This is still skin tight but a little easier to squeeze into if you order the correct size. she dropped 3 seconds on her 100 breast the first time she wore it, and another 1 1/2 seconds when she wore it again at Districts. So, yes, we like this suit very much!

Arena Women's Limited Edition Powerskin ST 2.0 Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit

rating star AMAZING

By Bel from Gaithersburg,MD on 2/21/2018 7:13:09 AM

Size: TRUE

this suit was so easy to get on, took about 5-10 mins and i could actually breath afterwards. Te shoulder straps didn’t cometely dig in and leave those uncomfortable red marks and i was able to swim with circulation in my legs. I loved te pattern and have gotten many compliments on It, and i honestly love It!

Arena Women's Powerskin ST Classic Swimsuit Tech Suit Swimsuit

rating star Great suit

By Niki from Hillsboro on 2/8/2018 10:49:03 AM

Size: TRUE

Size is what we expected. Daughter loves fit though I wish suits had more back end coverage. Will order again!

Arena Cobra Core Mirrored Goggle

rating star Excellent Race Goggles

By Swim Dad from Memphis, TN on 2/8/2018 4:07:50 AM

Size: NA

I ordered these for my son. He originally had mostly Speedo gear, but his team is sponsored by Arena, so I did my part in getting all Arena stuff, not that we had to, just wanted to make a sponsor happy. First goggles I got him were the Python's. He loved those. I was reluctant to spend the money for the Cobra Cores, but I did. HE LOVES THEM. They fit perfect, he feels confident. No leaking, minimal fogging like with any other goggle. He said he sees just fine. Cant go wrong with these.

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Since 1973, Arena™ has been a global influence and leader in competitive swimwear and accessories. Used by international top athletes and the official swim teams of UCSD, UC Berkeley, and Cal Poly, Arena swimwear is as synonymous with water as it is to swimming. Arena boasts a number of streamline, comfortable, and durable swimsuits that are perfect for competitive swimming and races.

By investing in innovation and researching fabrics and textiles, Arena is continuously discovering and utilizing unique technologies. Their high-tech patented Powerskin™ fabric claims to be the lightest fabric in production, weighing only 125 grams per square meter, while their stitchless seams keep mobility at its highest and reduces drag.

With offices populating Europe, Asia and the US, Arena is making waves worldwide with their quality line of goggles, training equipment and competitive swimwear. Whatever your swim needs, Arena has you covered with their jammers, one pieces, and neck-to-knee suits.