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Arena Powerskin Technical Suits: Innovative fabrics and advanced designs for serious athletes.

Arena Powerskin Suits help swimmers reach their maximum speed with ultra-light fabrics, compression technology and hydrodynamic designs. Along with high-end technical suits for traditional meets, Arena also carries a line of Powerskin R-EVO+OW suits, engineered specifically for open water racing.

Arena's Powerskin technical suits are some of the best technical racing suits available today. Worn for major competitions and swim meets, and recognized internationally for their performance in the pool, they are known for their water-repelling qualities and excellent fit. Arena's suits combine compression technology, thermo-bonded seam construction and some of the most advanced swimsuit fabrics on the market.

Arena's specially-engineered fabrics include their top-of-the-line Arena Z-Raptor fabric and their high-performanceArena X-Raptor fabric. Both offer excellent compression, reduced drag and full freedom of movement. Arena Powerskin suits that use Arena X-Raptor fabric are more chlorine resistant and competitively priced, while those designed with Arena Z-Raptor fabric incorporate thermo-bonded, low profile seams, incredibly smooth surfaces and lighter fabrics for a more hydrodynamic fit.

Arena's men's Powerskin jammers include features such as Arena Z-Raptor Fabric and Teflon coating. Women's one piece Arena Powerskin suits feature strategic seam placement to reduce drag and incredibly lightweight designs. The suits come in a variety of styles, each with specialized benefits and features targeted for its intended use. Swimmers who wear Arena's Powerskin suits don't just want to race - they want to blow their competitors out of the water.

Arena Z-Raptor Fabric
  • Ultra-light (125gr/m2) for second skin fit.
  • Teflon coating for an incredibly smooth outer surface.
  • Revolutionary design is provides superior hydrodynamic properties.
  • Multi-axis stretch.
  • Thermo-bonded seams extend suit life.
  • Low profile, flatlock seams improve comfort and reduce drag.
  • Stitching pattern allows easy movement and strategically directs water flow
  • 35% Lycra / 100% textile racing material.
Arena X-Raptor Fabric
  • Knitted fabric offers excellent body compression.
  • Especially chlorine resistant.
  • Smooth surface reduces drag.
Powerskin XP Suits
  • Delivers optimal body compression.
  • Allows full range of movement.
  • Ideal for all strokes and distances.
  • FINA approved.
  • NCAA compliant.
Powerskin R-EVO+ Suits
  • Engineered to provide maximum stability and body alignment while swimming.
  • Features thermo-bonded, low profile seams.
  • Ideal for all strokes and distances.
  • FINA approved.
Powerskin ST Suits
  • Designed specifically for open water races.
  • Engineered to provide maximum stability and body alignment while swimming.
  • FINA approved.
Powerskin R-EVO+OW Suits
  • More chlorine resistant than other Powerskin technical suits.
  • Offers high performance at a competitive price point.
  • Ideal for all strokes and distances.
  • FINA approved.

How to put on an Arena Powerskin Suit