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View Amanda's favorite Aqua Sphere suits and training equipment: Featuring Exclusive Video with Amanda Beard!

Seven-time gold medalist Amanda Beard has logged some serious hours in the water. After decades of practice and competition, not surprisingly, Beard has a few favorite pieces of gear, and some of her top choices include Aqua Sphere® training equipment. From suits to fins, Aqua Sphere's Amanda Beard collection also includes videos that detail the benefits of the gear as well as demonstrations — by Beard herself — of the gear in use.

A staple in her training gear, Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins feature a unique design. Their ergonomic fit and offset profile encourage proper body rotation and foot positioning. Their super-light design helps build leg endurance, and the closed-cell EVA foam construction prevents the blisters that often result from wearing fins made of heavy rubber.

Beard's go-to practice suits include the Round Back models, including the Recife, the Lima, the Ursula, and the Manaus, as well as the Samoa Pro Back. Aqua Sphere's training suits are all characterized by their extremely comfortable, supportive fit. The suits are made of poly-blend fabrics that are both durable and stretchy, and allow full range of motion. Brightly contrasting piping and fabric splices give the suits a fun pop of color. Beard is also a fan of the fashion-forward Mango Max Back. This is the suit Beard wears when she takes her own son to swim lessons or the beach. It features a design focused on flattering comfort, with stretch fabric, a deep V-neck, and adjustable straps.

Aqua Sphere's commitment to quality and design has won it many fans in the swimming community, and for good reason. When it comes to comfort, fit, and long-lasting materials, Aqua Sphere is hard to beat. Clearly designed with swimmers in mind, the products in this collection are at home in the closets — and pools — of everyone, from recreational swimmers to Olympians like Amanda Beard.