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Roxy Girls' Clothing


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Roxy Girls' Kittridge Dress (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Willoughby Dress (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Sea Palm Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Bay Hill Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Elmbrook Top (8-14)
Roxy Girls' Double Vision Hooded Top (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Edgewater Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Bloomfield Top (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Valley Spring Dress (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Lacey Lou Dress (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Scout Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Border Poncho (8-16)
Roxy Girls' Sandy Footprints Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Shake It Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' How Lovely L/S Pullover (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Beyond the Sunset Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Cherry On Top Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' A Chance Storm Zip Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Beach Stroll Top (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Sea-ing Dreams Surfer Girl S/S Tee (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Hear It Loud Dog L/S Sweater (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Epic Maxi Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' USA Flag S/S Tee (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Horizon Peak L/S Zip Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Check Me Out Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Hang On L/S Pullover (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Weather Watch L/S Pullover (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Beach Bright S/S Pullover (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Ferris Wheel Denim Short (7-16)
Roxy Girls' First Glance S/S Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Sea-ing Dreams Owl S/S Tee (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Share Bear L/S Zip Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Hear It Loud Heart L/S Sweater (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Take Me To The Sea Crop Tee (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Wild Eyes Tank Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Tricky Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Free Spirit L/S Baseball Tee (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Pink Horizon Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Summer Dream Romper (4-6X)
Roxy Girls' Flash Shorty Short (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Watch Out S/S Tee (2-7)
Roxy Girls' Imagine That Tank (2-7)
Roxy Girls' Ferris Wheel Short (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Sparks Pullover Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Flicker Pullover Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Sweet Summertime Dress (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Rally Up Dress (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Beach Air Zip Hoodie (4-7)
Roxy Girls' Rattle On S/S Tee (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Summer Squeeze Crossover Crop Tee (7-16)
Roxy Girls' Daisy Daze Hoodie (7-16)
Roxy Kids' Dilly Dally Hooded Sweater (2T-6X)
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Realizing there was a largely untapped women's surf market in the 1990s, Quiksilver™ developed Roxy™, a line completely dedicated to the women. Roxy was the first brand of its kind, and is credited with being the first to create the women's board short, which quickly became a staple of female surfers everywhere. Now Roxy wetsuits, Roxy rashguards and Roxy swimsuits are the stylish and sleek way to dress when you hit the beach.

Roxy is for women and teens that want swimsuits for both fashion and sporty endurance. Roxy has the pros covered with top-of-the-line Roxy wetsuits, surf booties and board shorts. The Roxy rashguards have a great cut, look and color wheel so you get to stand out against all of the grey. And when you get out of the water, Roxy is there with beautiful dresses, hoodies, tops, pants and shoes. Feel free to keep your change of Roxy clothes in you cute Roxy tote or duffle bag. Roxy thought of everything to keep women and girls looking their best in a beachy environment.

Roxy's lines are created under the mantra of "daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, alive" giving its customers an exciting variety of top-notch products. Roxy is there to provide colorful, flattering and supportive options for women, girls and even the youngest future surfers in the Roxy Teenie Wahine line. Now mothers and daughters, or sisters can match and both look fabulous while they have fun.