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Waterfi 2GB iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) Waterproof Swim Set

Waterfi 2GB iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) Waterproof Swim Set Reviews

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4 star rating (88 Reviews)

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  • 10/17/2013 Just like not being in the water!

    rating star By tigrr94

    Love this!  I used to have a Dolphin but every time I got into the water, the sound would fade out and become nearly inaudible.  This little gem doesn't do that at ALL!  It sounded just like my regular iPod even under water.  You will have to try the different earphone pads to get the right fit - I used the smallest ones and they seemed to fall out too much.  I will try the medium ones tomorrow (it comes with 3).  It was super easy to use, wrapped right around my goggle strap, and sounded great the whole time.  I, too, was wary of the investment but it was WORTH IT!!!

    Cornelius, NC


  • 8/15/2013 Excellent for long swims

    rating star By Michelle M.

    I was nervous about spending so much money but I wanted a reliable product so I made the investment, and it was well worth it.  I use this on days when my only intention is just to spend some time in the water without focusing on technique or speed and it works like a charm, instead of focusing on how far I've gone I just swim.  I don't necessarily zone out, but it allows me to relax in and just enjoy my time in the water.  My husband was concerned that I wouldn't have enough room for my music but, after two weeks, I still haven't filled it up to half capacity (I'm picky about what I swim to) and I haven't had to charge it yet either.  Some of the reviews mentioned the headphones but I haven't had any issues with them, I cover them with my cap and just go, they stay in the entire time and the sound quality is good.

    Michelle M.
    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 7/28/2013 Like the Shuffle, disappointed in the earphones

    rating star By NetDaemon

    I have used this Waterfi Shuffle several times now and I like the shuffle a lot easy to use and set up and works well.  The headphones though are not as advertised, they pick up a lot of water noise, do not seal all that well, but most importantly one side drops out frequently, and it is always the same side.  This would be really great if the headphones were better.  Not sure it was worth the price though with these phones.



  • 12/8/2014 not so waterproof

    rating star By James Stansell

    I am on my 2nd shuffle the first one died the third time I used it in the pool, it made a few static like noises and then went completely dead. the second one is still working somewhat but will only play in shuffle mode and the play/pause button does not always work forcing me to use the main slide button on the top to reset it. also the play/pause button has rotated, with use it has gradually turned and is now facing the other way (upside down) which make me think if it can move like that its letting in a little bit of water and in turn causing all the trouble. I've had it for only a month

    James Stansell
    Chicago, IL


  • 8/28/2014 Great Swim Buddy!

    rating star By Sheri S.

    I have been training for a half mile swim and found my training swims boring and couldn't wait to get out of the water. I found a few waterproof MP3 player options, but chose this shuffle because it looked smaller than the cases. I don't know how they waterproof a shuffle, but it's great! Clipped to my goggle straps and the earbuds also act like earplugs; I haven't had water trapped in my ears since I got it. The short length of the earbud cords are the right length so they don't interfear with my stroke.  Being a girl, all my gear is aqua so my blue shuffle goes with my swim outfit!  My pool laps and lake swims fly by and having music is a great way to relax while swimming.  I love it!

    Sheri S.
    Chicago, IL


  • 8/25/2013 Works great once you get the hang of the earbuds

    rating star By Sharon

    I use the iPod to swim laps. As long as I put the earbuds in properly there's no problem, they are a bit tricky though

    Waynesboro, VA


  • 8/21/2013 Take the boredom out of swimming laps

    rating star By LaCharles J.

    Listening to my favorite music while swimming laps is a great idea.  I love this little device.  It wraps around the back straps of my goggles.  The ear buds keep the water out of my ear and sounds great. I would like to hear audio books but the noise from the bubbles while exhaling underwater interferes with the sound. I would like to be able to switch songs in the middle but I will just have to do better at creating a better 2 1/2 hour swimming music mix.

    LaCharles J.
    Sacramento, CA


  • 8/12/2013 Amazing

    rating star By Matt C.

    I'm just an amateur swimmer and use swimming as my workout instead of the gym. So, anything to take some of the monotony out of a swim session is welcome.  Listening to music while swimming is great. It let's me forget how tired I am and let's me increase my work out and pushes me just a little bit harder. My routine improves every time I get in the pool. It took a couple times to get used to the ear buds and to learn how to keep and get water out of them.  I don't want to swim without my tunes now. Love it.

    Matt C.
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 8/2/2013 Works great

    rating star By Tim

    This is great, I am more of a runner and cyclist, so long periods of time in the water are mind numbing. This has helped out a lot on distance swims. It is easy to use and load, just be sure to get the right size ear bud pieces on.



  • 7/28/2013 Waterproof iPod shuffle is excellent

    rating star By Robin M.

    Really great sound and easy to use.  It makes lap swimming much more enjoyable.

    Robin M.
    Robbinsville, NJ


  • 6/3/2013 Great sound & unobtrusive on goggles

    rating star By kindofblue

    Great sound. The large ear buds stayed in my ears and I like this setup much better than the Finis bone conduction mp3 player I've been using for a couple years now. The only downside was that it took a little while to figure out how to get the ipod attached to my goggles.

    Albuquerque, NM


  • 2/26/2013 Works great

    rating star By EB

    I have used my waterproof ipod for about a month.  I really like it.  It is easy to use and makes my swimming more enjoyable.  My ear plugs do tend to come out but I find that a minor inconvenience.  Could be caused by my cap creeping up over my ears during the swim.



  • 2/15/2013 Poor headphones

    rating star By Lynnde

    The ipod shuffle works fine, but the headphones are crap.  The right earbud stopped working as soon as I hit the water...the left went out after 3 swims....I am getting a replacement pair from WaterFi and hoping they are a different brand!

    Greenville, SC


  • 7/29/2015 Wow!

    rating star By Laura Pacenza

    This magic little treasure has enriched my workouts by 1000000000%.

    Laura Pacenza
    Tulsa, OK


  • 6/26/2015 Ear plugs don't work well

    rating star By Wen

    listening to my favorite music during swim definitely enhances the experience. But the ear plugs are not reliable...don't fit well and lose volume on left ear after a few hundreds yards.

    Baltimore, md


  • 5/31/2015 Excellent Product

    rating star By Stich

    Great product. Helps me get through my swimming laps. The issues I have are as follows:
    Ear buds do not fit me well so I have to put them in upside down to get a seal.

    Santa Monica


  • 5/27/2015 Ipod Shuffle

    rating star By Dave

    Sound is great.  Clips right on to goggles.  Plugs stay in and have short cord.  Definitely worth the investment.



  • 5/12/2015 Hopefully second time is the charm

    rating star By Dave

    Can only rate average at this time.  Product worked great the first time.  Ear buds stayed in, wires were short enough, fit right on goggles, sound quality good.  But the second time I tried to use it, it didn't work at all.  Waterproofing likely insufficient.  Will see.  A replacement shuffle is being shipped.  I will say customer service support was excellent.



  • 5/7/2015 Waterfi Problem

    rating star By Richard

    This is the 5th waterfi shuffle I have purchased. It is the second time I have received a dud. The buttons do not click and do not operate. If I charge it and then hit play it will play and then as soon as I hit the pause button, all functionality ceases until I recharge, wait and try it again. The last time this happened they told me to hit the buttons very hard and don't be shy about hitting them. Well I tried that but it did nothing. My waterfi is not working.

    Santa Monica ca


  • 4/8/2015 So-so

    rating star By Paddle dog

    The sound isn't consistent and it doesn't hold as much as you think 2GB should. Basically it's good for 40 min before it repeats. I do find it helpful in swimming laps because I need the distraction.

    Paddle dog
    San Jose


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