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Nike Swim Resolute Goggles

Nike Swim Resolute Goggles Reviews

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3 star rating (21 Reviews)

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    rating star By Before buying read this

    Most of the complaints are about the fact that you have to  assemble the product which was in the DESCRIPTION. First thing YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE DESCRIPTION. Besides if you are having a problem with the assembly you can search this website or google...

    Before buying read this
    New York, NY


  • 1/7/2012 do it yourself

    rating star By Kristy J.

    You have to assemble these yourself, which I thought would make them fit better than any other goggle.  But the part that goes over the nose was too big.  I couldn't get it to to bend well, and it was very tough to adjust to fit.  Then I cut it and it bothered me where it rubbed, so I gave up.  Maybe these are for really advanced swimmers.  I thought they were a huge pain, and after assembling I certainly didn't think they were any more tailored to my face than most other goggles.

    Kristy J.


  • 10/3/2011 Swim Resolute Goggles - not assembled!!

    rating star By cphillips

    i was not expecting to have to assemble these goggles.  hard to get the nose piece tied on in the correct position because the rope is really short.  unfortunately have not been able to use them,

    liverpool, NY


  • 9/29/2011 Excellent Choice

    rating star By jolietbuy

    It is worth the money paid for it. Better than many store available goggles.

    Joliet, IL


  • 9/24/2011 don't worth it

    rating star By Julieta

    they are uncomfortable, and they hurt, even after wearing them for a whole month they are still not comfortable.
    Will never buy them again, swiss goggles were much better quality.

    New York, NY


  • 6/27/2011 Too hard to put together

    rating star By Carol

    This item came in pieces.  I found it hard to put together especially the piece of string for the nose piece.  How long before the string would disolve.  Also the eye pieces hurt.

    Boston, MA


  • 4/22/2011 Not for the beginner swimmer

    rating star By Sharisse B.

    I didn't like these very much.  They were considered competition goggles which may have something to do with the flimsy feel and rigid structure.  Maybe once I get past the back stroke I'll appreciate it better.  Until then, I'll stick with the more basic goggles.

    Sharisse B.
    Springfield Gardens, NY


  • 4/21/2011 Racing goggles

    rating star By Robert B.

    I've always liked these goggles. They stick like glue and I don't worry about them coming off right at the start of a race. Very comfortable even during a 1650. I trimmed the nose piece and that was it.

    Robert B.
    Reno, NV


  • 4/21/2011 G.O.A.T.

    rating star By EB

    the best fitting "swede" goggles on the market



  • 2/1/2010 Fog Terribly

    rating star By Kristina

    I bought these goggles to swim laps and I used them for about a week and then threw them in the trash.  They are horrible in the fogging department, at first I thought that maybe it was just me making them fog so I had my friend try them and no dice, the were fogging up just as bad for her.  I would not recommend these goggles for anyone.

    Lexington Park, MD


  • 11/25/2009 Be ready

    rating star By Andrew W.

    These, goggles are good, I actually took the nose piece from some old sweeds, since the nike one looked a little big. Also people need to stop complaining and look at the googles specs before buying, don't buy if you are not willing to get used to them. They will hurt your eyes for a while but you will get used to it eventually.

    Andrew W.
    Plainfield, IN


  • 6/29/2009 terrible ! i have no idea that i have to assemble it my self.

    rating star By Dwight P.

    not good

    Dwight P.
    Woodbridge, NJ


  • 5/8/2009 Cheap... works great

    rating star By DK

    I have used this type of goggle for 15+ years and it is finally nice not to have to tie the straps.  It would be nice if they could do something about the nose strap now!  They still work great after all these years.

    Lansing, MI


  • 4/1/2009 Can you tie a knot?

    rating star By Ian S.

    Difficult to attach nose piece

    Ian S.
    Bronx, NY


  • 3/1/2009 Race goggles

    rating star By Pavel B.

    The goggles are for swimmers. The best for practice and race.

    Pavel B.
    Staten Island, NY


  • 2/21/2009 Perfect

    rating star By Ray

    For me these are the perfect goggles and use them all the time.

    Kalamazoo, MI


  • 2/15/2009 Decent for the Price

    rating star By Abben H.

    These are just the normal swedes.  Plastic casing with the string/rubber and strap.  Best for practices. These goggles are reliable and won't break, but they leak/fall off when you dive.  They hurt your eyes for some people.  I would recommend these goggles for more experienced swimmers.

    *assembly required

    Abben H.
    Sandy Hook, CT


  • 12/14/2008 Good swedes

    rating star By Phil

    overall these goggles are similar to your average swedish goggles. i found the frame to be a little smaller and lighter than other swedes. the nose tube is on the larger side but you can easily cut that or use a latex strap as many people do for swedish style goggles. overall nike made a good, cheaper version of the original swedish goggle, but i do prefer these swedes over the others. i would not reccommend this goggle to anyone who does not like swedish goggles because that is what these goggles are!!!

    WNY, NY


  • 11/25/2008 Not a fan

    rating star By Sarah C.

    I am not happy with these goggles. They arrived in pieces with no instuctions on how to assemble them. The string and tube nosepiece does not allow me to adjust the breadth of the nose small enough for me, and I also prefer cushions around the eyepieces. The suction and water resistance is good, but because I cannot adjust them properly, they pull my eyes to the outsides, and are very uncomfortable.

    Sarah C.
    Bentonville, AR


  • 11/12/2008 Not Worth It

    rating star By Kendra

    Product was not worth the little money I paid for them.  The goggles needed to be put together and were held together by a string.  They were hard to assemble but didn't seem to fit properly after I assembled them.



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