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FINIS Skin Socks

FINIS Skin Socks Reviews

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4 star rating (136 Reviews)

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  • 8/30/2014 Work Great!

    rating star By Mike

    Wear the socks on every swim with my fins and they have been great so far.  Have used them for several weeks so far without incident.  Just make sure you rinse them out after every swim and let them air dry well.

    Salem, OR

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 9/15/2014 Bad design, bad fit

    rating star By Barb W

    Nothing great about this product. Very baggy, awkward fit. Fabric bunches up on the front part of the ankle and sags at the back. It's puzzling why they ran the seam down the middle of the foot, where the fin makes it rub against your skin, instead of on the sides, where there's more leeway inside the fin. And because it has a shaped heel, you can't turn it to place the seams on the sides. It's as if they designed these things to be uncomfortable. Would not have bought them if I'd realized how loosely they fit, but it isn't worth the shipping charge to send them. Oh, well . . .

    Barb W
    Atlanta, GA

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 4/27/2014 Socking Good Times

    rating star By Carlos

    Proper fit. I wear them with the seams on the outside. For just a couple of laps, I don't wear but for longer laps I definitely slip them on. I wash them in the shower and spin dry them. I would buy them again.

    Lansing, MI

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/13/2014 Not satisfied...

    rating star By Deb and Jeanie

    I purchased three of these. The other two for friends which I convinced into buying to help with blisters. We liked them at first and they were very comfortable but they don't last very long. I wouldn't buy again for that price if I have to keep buying them every couple of months. They stretched out in matter of days. I would purchase something else that last longer. Very disappointed.

    Deb and Jeanie


  • 7/30/2013 Great socks

    rating star By Robin

    Socks fit great.  I need them to prevent blisters from my swim fins and they fit the bill.

    Covington, LA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/8/2015 Thin socks

    rating star By Lillian C.

    These socks are super thin - which is what we liked about them. Unfortunately the stitching just didn't hold to up heavy use.

    Lillian C.
    Peterborough, ON

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/23/2015 Material too thin; holes in the fabric are created easily.

    rating star By Manuel Sone

    Material too thin; holes in the fabric are created easily.

    Manuel Sone
    Evansville, IN

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/7/2014 A great, inexpensive pair of fin socks

    rating star By Lily

    I bought these for my daughter, although I tried them out as well. They work well and you can't beat the price.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/3/2014 Review swim socks

    rating star By Steve A.

    This is my first time using socks with swim fins. They seem to  work fine.

    Steve A.
    Valley Center, KS

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/26/2014 I will not recommend this product.

    rating star By Deborah

    This is my second pair..both pairs ripped in the seam the first or second time I used them. I will not be buying another.

    Bend, OR

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/1/2014 Very comfortable.

    rating star By James R.

    Definitely help with the fins I also purchased.

    James R.
    Council Bluffs, IA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/12/2014 did not show the deep seams

    rating star By Helen C.(Holly)

    I could not use this product, as I bought it to cover sensitive areas on my foot after reconstruction surgery. The thick seams counteracted the purpose of purchasing the product, Looking for seamless water sox. No such thing?

    Helen C.(Holly)

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/16/2013 Perfect for Fins in warm water

    rating star By Kristina

    These socks are a must if you are using any fins.  Fins will give you blisters and ruin your trip.  The only thing is the seams go down the middle of your foot.  No big deal as you are using it when swimming anyways. They are very thin to help slip on and off fins or boots easily.

    San Francisco

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 9/29/2013 great tight fit fin socks

    rating star By Jim C.

    With closed heel snug fitting fins, I needed something to protect my toes from chaffing and for extra warmth at times.  These allow you to get the fins on easily and don't cramp your foot in the space.  The only improvement could be a little more reinforcement around the toes but if they continue to do the job without tearing, that won't matter.  Not crazy about the center seam on the foot but love them otherwise.

    Jim C.
    The Villages, FL

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/18/2013 Great product.

    rating star By jason m.

    I have no complaints about the socks. It is saving my toes from blisters. Huge plus!!! If you are new to wearing these type of socks,  then yea, the seam goes right in the middle of your foot. I did not know that. Felt a bit weird at first but works just fine.

    jason m.
    Belleville IL

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/22/2013 Slightly big but feel good in fins,

    rating star By Gary M.

    Helps prevent blisters or abrasions from the fins.

    Gary M.

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/4/2013 Finis Skin Socks

    rating star By Boiseswimmeer

    They work just great; and now the skin on my feet doesn't get rubbed off from fin wear.

    Boise, ID

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/4/2013 FINIS Skin Socks

    rating star By Robo

    Saves the hide on my feed with the Trainer Fins.  I will buy again.

    Acworth, GA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/9/2013 skin socks

    rating star By Cindy

    The sock appears to be true to size, they are nice and thin not bulky with seams. I have tried them on with my fins  and they fit nice but have not tried to use them in the water yet but will do so in a couple of weeks on vacation. They are definitely a good purchase for the money.

    Carver MA


  • 3/8/2013 Socks

    rating star By Paul M.

    A very good purchase for me. My feet now feel very comfortable in my flippers.

    Paul M.
    Windsor, ON

    Fit: Feels true to size

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