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Sporti Waterproof Headphones

Sporti Waterproof Headphones Reviews

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3.5 star rating (32 Reviews)

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  • 10/14/2013 Waterproof headphones

    5 Review stars By Joan

    This is my second waterproof headphones. I bought a second pair because I swim all the time and need to know I have one in my swim bag and one in the car in case I forget my swim bag. I can swim without everything but my headphones. Keeps water out of my ears.

    Annapolis, MD


  • 1/28/2014 Could fit a little snugger, but pretty good

    4 Review stars By Sanna

    These slip out of my ears sometimes, but they deliver pretty good sound and they stay in better than comparable products. I don't know yet how long they'll last, but if they exceed 3 months, they're doing better than their rivals. So far, a good product at a great price.

    Philadelphia(ish), PA


  • 11/27/2013 Best for your money

    5 Review stars By Running fool!!!

    I purchased these to run with, they stay in and work really well. I have even taken them in the shower and the stay in place. For the price you can't beat it!!

    Running fool!!!
    Santa Maria


  • 7/18/2013 These are awesome!

    5 Review stars By Brent R.

    I bought these to replace the ear buds that came with my SwimFi. These do not leak, ever! Even when I put them back in during practice.  I'm a masters swimmer so I swim for long periods.  The sound quality is also far superior to the original ear buds.  Especially when considering the cost, these are hands down a best buy.

    Brent R.
    Lindsborg, KS


  • 12/4/2013 waterproof headphones

    4 Review stars By VYM

    I bought the waterproof headphones for my Otterbox/ipod.  I used them today and had a little trouble keeping the jack firmly in the hole.  The first few attempts had only one channel but later it was OK. Also, my old earphones looked like the same brand but had the jack  with an "L" angle. I think that helps the tiny wire from eventually shorting out .  The new jack wire was straight out from the jack.  If bent over when wrapping the wire around the Otterbox, it will eventually short out.

    San Angelo, TX


  • 10/7/2013 Get the job done.

    4 Review stars By Martha M.

    Bought these in conjunction with the Sporti Waterproof cell phone case, and they both work well together, and the price is great.   I have bought expensive headphones for my iphone before.  Not water proof, but they were pricy and delivered quality sound, until the wires on one of the earpieces goes bad.  Then, they're garbage.  For $10.00, I can live with that happening.  I do my best to not pull of the cables, but I won't feel pain when they give out because one of the ear pieces stops working because the wires got broken inside the white vinyl cords.    

    I've had them since late August and I use them three times a week for my swims, and they're still going strong.    Not the finest fidelity, but dependable and practical.

    Martha M.
    Whittier, CA


  • 8/1/2013 Okay cheap headphones

    4 Review stars By Maxine M.

    These headphones are really cheap which is fine. They do tend to only work in one earpiece after a few weeks, but they keep the water out of my ears and fortunately I have two ears so I can still hear my music while I swim so they are okay for me. The sound isn't very good, but again - for this price I am just happy that they don't typically leak and I can make out what the song is.

    Maxine M.
    Marlborough, MA


  • 7/28/2013 Waterproof headphones good

    4 Review stars By Robin M.

    I finally found some headphones that fit my ears and are comfortable.  The only caveat is that you will need to wear a swim cap to keep them in while swimming.  The sound is excellent.

    Robin M.
    Robbinsville, NJ


  • 7/17/2013 Great for water but not for sand

    4 Review stars By Kels

    So these worked great initially. I usually hate ear buds but these were so comfortable and soft and they fit great (I'm pretty sure they would mould to anyone's ear!) The sound quality was impressive for being water buds.

    I brought them into the water with me at the beach and it was good as long as I was above water. If you go under, they have a tendency to fall out. After that, they were never totally dry and neither were my ears so it felt a little funny putting them in again, but I did and it worked out fine. Additionally, I got sand on them and unless you have clean water to wash off the sand, it won't come off easily because of what it's made out of.

    Kingston, ON


  • 4/25/2013 Nice but has flaws

    3 Review stars By Theresa

    I was using the earphones for lap swimming but the earphones didn't block the water when I did fast flip turns and freestyle swimming. I lose the "music" in one ear for half the time I'm swimming.... But it gets me thru long swimming workouts.

    Albany, OR


  • 9/8/2012 good for the price

    3 Review stars By lara s.

    good for the price, to big for my ears but I cut the rubber down and I love them now. The sound is very clear and I can't even tell there in.

    lara s.
    lemoore, CA


  • 5/14/2014 Good sound, large ear buds

    3 Review stars By Stacy

    Good sound but the ear buds are a little longer than I guess I was expecting - this must be part of the waterproof part.  I've dropped my headphones in my coffee mug and been sprayed with water guns in 10Ks, so it's good for those moments but a little uncomfortable for just every day usage.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 5/8/2014 Poor

    1 Review stars By Gil

    Get what you pay for. Have only used for running not in the water yet. Ear buds easily detach and don't form great seal. Cord is flimsy and had to send back first  pair because sound transmission was poor.
    Great customer support who quickly exchanged  will give these one more try.

    New york


  • 5/7/2014 Pretty good

    4 Review stars By Kristen

    I got these to replace the earphones that came with my WaterFi, which have become static-y after a year+ of use. There is only one rubber insert, and it does not fit my ears, but I used the rubber from my original earphones, and they fit perfectly on the ends of these [and in my ears]. The cord doesn't need to be so long, but the sound is great, so I would recommend them, especially considering the price is less than half of the original ones. Sound does occasionally go out of one side, but happens less frequently than with the previous ones, and always have good sound one one side.

    Oakton, VA


  • 5/6/2014 Only one earpiece worked.

    1 Review stars By Brandon

    Quick shipping, however only one of the ear pieces worked.  Figured I'd try it from all the great reviews.  Oh well...

    Buffalo, NY


  • 5/2/2014 Best Bang for the Buck

    5 Review stars By Ken

    I've been using these headphones for over 3 weeks and have experienced no leaks or problems. The ear buds fit securely and don't move when I perform swift spin turns.

    Prior to purchasing the Sporti headphones, I purchased 4 different sets of waterproof earphones at over twice the price and experienced problems with leakage or defective ear buds.  The sound quality of the Sporti headphones is also superior.

    I bought two sets, and I will definitely purchase more if necessary.

    Middlesex, NJ


  • 4/17/2014 poor quality / poor fit

    1 Review stars By bupkus

    these might be waterproof, but the idea is to use them as headphones and earplugs. they didn't fit properly, and I got water in my ear. The build is flimsy.
    If you have small ear canals, then they might be for you. They were not good for me.



  • 4/13/2014 Soft earbuds!

    2 Review stars By Sunny

    These earbuds are so soft they came off in my ear and I had to get a tweezers to remove them.  The headphones work fine, but the earbuds are dangerous.

    Charleston, SC


  • 3/6/2014 works well, but only with different earbuds

    4 Review stars By Richard L.

    I tried swimming with these headphones using the earbuds that came with them, and the sound quickly became almost inaudible. Additionally, the earbuds wouldn't stay in my ears. After testing them with a different iPod (not my waterproofed Shuffle) I thought the headphones were defective, but the next day they seemed to be working. I concluded that they probably weren't completely waterproofed, but decided to switch earbuds, using a set from my previous phones (of which one channel had stopped working). Since then, no problems at all--clear sound, and, of course, I'm using earbuds that stick in my ears, if jammed in enough.

    Richard L.
    Berkeley, CA


  • 9/19/2012 wont stay in my ears!

    2 Review stars By LMB1212

    They are awkward and fall out constantly, going to have to order another product.

    Evansville, IN


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