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Fitness Technologies UwaterG4 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Fitness Technologies UwaterG4 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player Reviews

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3.5 star rating (98 Reviews)

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  • 10/21/2013 when it works it's terrific; earbuds not replaceable

    4 Review stars By Annie

    I bought this to keep me energized with music while working out in the pool. No problem loading tunes and all was right in my world...until the earbuds started cutting out, or totally losing connection...  No big deal I thought...just get a new pair of earbuds.  BUT NOOOOoooooo!  There are no earbuds for sale.  I have to replace the entire unit if I want new buds.  I got about 8 months out of this before it became a nuisance.  Think twice before you buy....  If there is one out there that works and has replaceable buds, please post.  I need something to keep me going :)

    Miami, FL


  • 1/5/2014 Almost perfect!

    3 Review stars By Sara

    I use the mp3 player for swimming lanes. It works really well so far - but I wish the earphones would stay in better (they tend to come out when swimming) and once you get any water in your ear it is harder to hear the sound from the mp3 player. Some type of waterproof headphones that went into the ear better would make the product a 5 star. Easy to load up with music, clips to goggles and batter lasts

    Beaumont, Alberta Canada


  • 6/23/2014 Waterproof MP3 Playe

    4 Review stars By Bick

    Great sound!   Comfortable ear buds!  Great value!

    Ontario, Canada


  • 2/6/2014 I'm thinking about returning it.

    1 Review stars By A. Rutka

    I have used the device exactly twice since it arrived. The first time I used it, within the first few minutes of exercising one of the ear pods lost sound completely. I got the same results the second time I tried it. I'll give it one more shot, if I have the same results, I'm sending it back.

    A. Rutka
    Baltimore MD


  • 11/30/2013 Great until the buds die...prematurely

    2 Review stars By Miamiannie

    Love at first sound, I was the envy of the pool..a better workout, more fun..but then the earbuds started to get static and within days simply died.  I'm embarrassed because I bragged to fellow pool members that they were so great and to buy one and then they disappoint. I now told everyone to NOT buy..  Guess what else tho?!  There are NO earbud replacements available.  So save  your money and don't buy this device.

    Cleveland, OH


  • 11/13/2013 boooooooo

    1 Review stars By nayely m.

    I only got to use this product for a month and it quickly got water damaged.. worked great in the beginning but then the clip broke off and it just became useless

    nayely m.
    chicago, IL


  • 11/11/2013 Great player but headphones and customer service subpar

    3 Review stars By RockinSwimmer

    I use the player 45 minutes to an hour 5 days a week for lap swimming.  Player itself is fantastic with great sound and storage.  Headphones however are subpar at best.  Sound cuts out in the left bud quite a bit.  Sent an email to the manufacturer but have never received a response.



  • 11/5/2013 Easy to Use

    4 Review stars By Tica Mama

    This is easy to use.  The instructions are clear. I only wish the clip was a bit sturdier.  I like to clip it to the strap on my goggles.  The picture shows it clipped to a swim cap which is really thin.

    Tica Mama


  • 10/24/2013 I LOVE it!

    5 Review stars By OCswimmer

    I use my MP3player 4 times a week while swimming laps.  It rocks!  It has made lap swimming so much more enjoyable.  I also plan on using it for walks and during water aerobics. It is easy to use while swimming and sounds great!  I wish I had gotten one sooner.

    Oregon City, Oregon


  • 5/27/2013 Great MP3 player!

    4 Review stars By Anthony M.

    The headphones died almost a month after I got the player.

    Anthony M.


  • 4/20/2013 waterproof mp3 player

    5 Review stars By robert n.

    I love my new mp3 player. . I WORK OUT 1 HOUR A DAY IN THE POOL AND TILL NOW IT WAS VERY BORING.  Now i have my music to listen to. my only problem is the battery charge only last 2 and 1/2 hours so half way through my 3rd. hour the battery dies.  To start i gave it a full charge and then ran it down before charging again. I thought it would last 5 hours.but i still love it.   Robert.

    robert n.


  • 3/18/2013 Uwater

    4 Review stars By Eric David

    One of the ear buds has a lower level than the other and I would like to know if that is normal?

    Eric David
    Chicago ill


  • 3/14/2013 Does what it says!

    3 Review stars By SwimzNSyncs

    Works great underwater and there were no problems with loading music, but the device itself isn't meant to last. Unlike the ipod shuffles, this one has a slip-clip on the back that could easily snap off and break.
    The device didn't come with a headband as pictured, but I would recommend clipping it to either a thin goggle strap or a headband for use.

    The earbuds are a little tricky to keep in your ears due to the small size and the shape, but if you pull your cap over them while swimming, they will stay in place.

    Overall, I'm glad I made the purchase, but if you're looking for a long-term investment, I would recommend the underwater ipod.

    Kingston, Jamaica


  • 1/29/2013 UwaterG4 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

    1 Review stars By kei signz

    This is my second  UwaterG4 Waterproof MP3 Player and I have yet to experience it playing.  Both the first and second player can be found by my computer, but have had trouble with the driver.  I shall be returning this item as well.  The Swim Shop is exceptional in standing by it's products and had the second MP3 Player out to me as soon as I reported the problem.

    kei signz
    Salt Lake City, Utah


  • 4/4/2012 Really great buy

    5 Review stars By Swim all day

    I bought this mp3 player for the pool, it makes swimming so much more bearable. the player is small, clips onto my goggles and I usually don't even notice it's there. two things I would mention is 1) you need to get used to the earphones - at first they feel a little funny but they are great at blocking out water and they stay in the ear nicely. 2) loading music is really easy, the player works like a usb thumb drive - just drag and drop. But the player needs to be on for the computer to recognize it (I didn't know this at first and thought the player didn't work).
    Great product, highly recommended!

    Swim all day


  • 1/3/2015 Uwater MP3 player

    5 Review stars By KennyB

    I swim laps about an hour or more and the music helps me keep my pace and pass the time. I changed the ear buds to a ridged set and that helped keep them in my ears and once that was done this has been a great product. I have found that none of the small round buds stayed in my ears so I have changed them on all my head sets

    Teaneck, NJ


  • 11/29/2014 Works, but could be better

    2 Review stars By Rico B.

    Two stars due to lack of customer support and no support for WMA.
    I purchased this because it was advertised at the time as supporting WMA format audio.  After several attempts to load WMA files, I gave up and have been using it with MP3 files.  I''ve made several attempts to contact Fitness Technologies customer support. several emails, several phone messages, even tried to enlist the aid of Swim Outlet but all to no avail.  Fitness Technologies appears to have no customer support whatsoever.  
    They have since stopped advertising it as supporting WMA, but the manual on the Fitness Technologies web site still shows WMA as a supported format.
    In addition the headphones would not stay in me ear and seal out the water.  I replaced them with X1 Audio headphones and have had decent luck after about 9 months use.  Battery life is only about 3 hours.
    On the plus side, sound quality is good, it has been used 4-5 days a week for over an hour a day without any problems other than those already mentioned.  If you don't mind buying a better pair of earbuds and lack of WMA support it is an okay product.

    Rico B.
    Saint Leonard, MD


  • 10/29/2014 Buy when replacement ear buds are available.

    3 Review stars By Teresa

    The MP3 player was great, easy to down load music, fits perfect on my goggles, and light weight. BUT ear buds will go out and there are NO replacement buds, therefore that will make them useless! WHEN replacement buds are available then you should purchase.

    North Carolina


  • 10/24/2014 Blah!

    2 Review stars By Kunu

    Positives: great training tool for endurance training. Light weight, attaches to goggles without adding noticeable drag, very easy to download music.

    Negatives: The headphones are garbage. It comes with different size ear buds but they are all crap. The only way to get a water tight fit is to use wax ear plugs and basically make a seal that way. I have only used them three times and already one ear bud is not working as it should.

    I wish I could return them but IDK if there is a better product without paying $150 plus

    Cranford NJ


  • 9/3/2014 Good and bad

    2 Review stars By Kent M.

    Great sound, but difficult fit for the ear buds.  Clip awkward.
    I struggled and one ear piece stopped working before I ever got into the pool for my laps.  Will try to contact vendor/company.

    Kent M.
    Ontario, NY


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