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Nu Technology Sporty Waterproof Earphones Flat Line

Nu Technology Sporty Waterproof Earphones Flat Line Reviews

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3 star rating (12 Reviews)

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  • 6/9/2012 Great earphones!

    rating star By Judy

    I use the earphones to listen to my I-pod while I swim laps.  The sound quality is very good, the ear plugs stay in and fit very well.  There is a big selection of various sized ear plugs that come with the earphones, so anyone should be able to find a size that fit well.
    This is my 3rd pair of waterproof earphones (different brand) and so far I like these the best.  Like the others though, as you swim and water gets in yor ears, the sound does get muted.  The wire cover is fun and wires are plenty long.  I tuck it in the front of my suit to have it stay in place.
    Overall I think it is a good product.

    Green Bay, WI.


  • 5/15/2012 Nu Technology Sporty Waterproof Earphones

    rating star By Long Distance Swimmer

    I bought the head phones to use with my IPOD for swimming. The ear buds do not stay put and the flat line pulls as you swim.

    It would be great for water sports but not swimming laps.

    Long Distance Swimmer


  • 4/26/2012 It is not working...

    rating star By Hulya A.

    The sound is good, but I cannot swim with it because it always get out from my ears...

    Hulya A.


  • 3/25/2012 Great price; but cord is a little too bulky

    rating star By Susan

    I bought these to work with my H2O Audio waterproof ipod case.  The H2O headphones are nearly $50, and so far, I've been through 2 in less than 2 don't buy those.  These headphones work great with my case.  The only drawback is that the cord is a little thick.  I tuck the cord into my suit, but it feels a little heavy because of it's size.  Otherwise - I love these.

    Parker, CO


  • 2/20/2012 Works great!

    rating star By April

    Ordered these so I could use it to listen to my iPod nano in my hot tub.  I use these along with Sporti Waterproof MP3 Player Case and with the combination of the two I can chill out to my tunes without any problems.

    Gambrills, MD


  • 7/31/2013 waterproof earphones

    rating star By gwen l.

    used for water exercise
    wire to long, interfere with workout, earphones pullout or slip out during exercises

    gwen l.
    petersburg, va


  • 6/5/2013 Very bulky

    rating star By Ann

    It's very frustrating, It's very bulky for me since I have a small ears and its always coming off even with a cap on. I am still trying to find a way to make if comfortable and so far no luck. Even when I try using the other buds it's not helpful and it's kinda hurting me since I'm trying to push it in my ear :(



  • 4/7/2013 No thanks

    rating star By Lisa G.

    Sound is good but if you wear a cap when you swim, the buds hurt your ears.

    Lisa G.
    Denver, CO


  • 1/27/2013 Good

    rating star By Weezy

    Works fine.  Comes with different sized buds.  Super long cord, sometimes gets in the way, but I used a hair clip to keep it up so they didn't pull out of my ears from the weight of the cord.



  • 5/29/2012 Not good headphones.

    rating star By Beverly U.

    I use the headphones for exercising in the pool.  I have tried all the included ear pieces and the headphones will not stay in my ears.  My previous pair (a different brand) worked fine.  I may have to return these.  On the plus side, the sound quality is good.

    Beverly U.
    Fresno, CA


  • 1/18/2012 Work great!

    rating star By A. H.

    These have worked great for the month I've used them.  The cloth encased wires are very long but after alot of testing have chosen to bunch it up and stuff it underneath the strap on my googles and they stay out of the way.

    A. H.
    Woodbridge, VA


  • 10/2/2011 Much better than the fragile buds that came with it

    rating star By EmrgncyMD

    Much more sturdy, not flimsy like the originals.  sound good, comes with lots of ends that should fit ANY kind of ear.

    Chicago, IL


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