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H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen)

H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) Reviews

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3.5 star rating (24 Reviews)

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  • 4/20/2013 Fantastic product ... only thing....

    4 Review stars By Carmen A.

    The only thing wrong with this product is the little handle the latch is to be securing the water from coming into the device.  Once you get this model idea fixed .... you have an awesome product.

    Carmen A.


  • 3/14/2013 Mixed Results

    3 Review stars By Frosty

    I love the concept...  Being able to listen to some music while swimming is great.  However, I cannot get the damn earplugs to stay in my ears - they continually pop out and actuall cause a distraction to my swim workout.

    If someone can tell me a secret as to how to get them to stay in my ears (No... I am not using Super Glue!  Ha!), please let me know!

    Rindge, NH


  • 4/27/2013 latch needs to be improved.

    3 Review stars By Carmen A.

    I returned the product because it came with a defective latch.   Improving this would be a better product;.
    customer Service was professional and helpful.

    Carmen A.


  • 2/7/2013 h20 audio waterproof mp3 player

    5 Review stars By catylakeland

    this is a great waterproof headset that attaches to your goggles.It sounds great.I  had problems with the first one after a year and a half(the case was hard to open and close)and the case finally broke.It was heavily used too(5-6 times a week).The second one doesn't get stuck like the first one-

    Wilmington DE


  • 1/24/2013 Works great!

    5 Review stars By Luann A.

    I really like using the H2O audio while swimming laps and doing drills in the pool. I normally swim alone and this surely helps pass the time while working on my swim for triathlon training. The ear pieces are comfortable and it is super easy to use.

    Luann A.
    Brandon, MS


  • 1/12/2013 Great for training in water

    4 Review stars By Sami

    I use it for swim training.

    Sterling, am


  • 1/11/2013 Nice to have, but mixed results

    3 Review stars By derek m.

    Nice to have a waterproof option for music when swimming.
    Ear buds fall out occasionally and fill with water making it hard to hear sometimes.

    derek m.
    Candia, NH


  • 1/3/2013 I can not find any flaws

    5 Review stars By Jonipotato

    This is the best waterproof case ever. I had it for more than a year and always worked great. No issues with latch or earplugs at all. I swim laps 4 to 5 times a week. The best of all you can skip songs while swimming with just a click. In the past I have others players and not so friendly to use. Sound is also great and you do not loose suctions on earbuds while doing flip turns. I am getting one for my brother

    Miami, FL


  • 1/2/2013 Not for small ears

    1 Review stars By Keren M.

    Never could get ear buds to work.  Even wore two swim caps with wires in between and cap over ears.  Got this as a present since my old Finis one was missing power ore and could not get a hold of company to get new one.  I will most likely buy another Finis because the music on the cheekbone is much easier than trying to keep something stuck in my ear.

    Keren M.
    Houston, TX


  • 6/18/2012 one ear bud broken after 12 months

    3 Review stars By Nick R.

    I bought this product 1 year ago.  several comments have been made concerning the placement of the earbuds. I have had similar problems but after a while you get use to proper placement of the ear buds. I have had no difficulty with leakage and I am a heavy user swimming almost everyday.  However after 12 months one of the ear buds has failed. I guess I should be okay with the 12 months that I have had. I have to give it 3 stars because for the price I expected them to last longer.

    Nick R.
    Roswell, GA


  • 4/14/2012 Latest version an improvement from the last

    4 Review stars By Wendy L.

    The sound has improved from the last generation to this newer version.  Using a swim cap over the ears can help hold the ear pieces in place.  Makes exercising fun.

    Wendy L.
    Canonsburg, PA


  • 4/4/2012 h2o audio - love it

    5 Review stars By SUSAN H.

    I love this product! I found that my swimming time has become even more enjoyable. Since I had my own shuffle, and the music was already loaded, all I had to do was insert the shuffle into the capsule, attact the capsule to my goggles and go. Who would have thought it even possible?! The only issue that I have is that one of the ear buds was split. Turns out it was the size that I needed. When I called, I was not able to get just replacement earbuds and had to have a whole new unit shipped to me. I was to take out the new package of ear buds and put the old package back in the box and return the new unit. I hope that replacement buds will be available in the future. Great product overall!

    SUSAN H.


  • 4/2/2012 They do not back product

    1 Review stars By Roger

    I received this as a gift.  It leaked the first time, ruined the Ipod.  We leaked tested it in the sink, held tight, so I just figured I did not latch it properly.  I bought a new Ipod, it leaked again.  Fortunately, I checked immediately after swimming and discovered the leakage so I was able to rescue the Ipod.  Still thinking it must have been something I did, my wife and I traded our headphone sets and it leaked on her also.  H20 said they will back their product, but not the Ipod, even though we purchased the Ipod from them.  IF you purchase this system, be sure to check the system immediately after the first time or two that you use it.  My wife's system has never leaked.  So I would give you a 50-50 shot of this product working.



  • 3/24/2012 cool in concept and when they work

    4 Review stars By swim-jim

    This is the 3rd set of these headphones that I have gotten.  Had previous model and these are better. Is  great concept and when they work well -- which is about 70% of the time, it is great.  2 problems: 1) Earphones fall out and must be in your ear just right to get good sound; 2) One side sometimes doesn't work.  H20 Audio customer service is good with tips on how to fix or replaces them pretty quickly.  I swim a lot of laps and not sure how I would do without these to ease the monotony

    Arlington, VA


  • 3/20/2012 Poor Quality

    1 Review stars By Tom

    After purchasing this I had it about 2 weeks and 1 ear bud stopped working.  I contacted SwimOutlet and got it replaced.  I had the second one about 8 months, and 1 of the ear buds stopped working.  I used it to swim laps in a pool about 3 times per week.  I liked it when it worked, but poor quality.

    Fond du Lac, WI


  • 3/19/2012 Good case, not so great headphones

    4 Review stars By TuppyKML

    The case and buttons work fantastic, but the earbuds that come with do not stick well into my ears. Also, the sound gets fairly distorted once they get full of water......would be nicer if they included better quality earbuds or had an option to add your own.  Otherwise, the case is a good design and works well enough.

    Madison, WI


  • 3/19/2012 Leaks a bit

    3 Review stars By tri newbie

    easy to use. Sound quality mediocre. Found it wasn't a perfect watertight seal

    tri newbie


  • 3/19/2012 KILLER

    5 Review stars By CM




  • 2/16/2012 H20 Audio

    4 Review stars By Jim

    Great product after I dealt with the headphone issues. I ended up cutting the top out of a swim cap and using the remaining portion like a head band to secure the ear plugs.

    huntington, WV


  • 1/3/2012 The best!

    5 Review stars By Steffi

    Absolutely outstanding.  The earpieces can be a bit tricky.  Your ears have to be dry from the beginning otherwise they will fall out.  Patients is required and the reward is absolutely the best state of mind during your workouts.

    Lexington, KY


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