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Ultraswim Shampoo 7oz

Ultraswim Shampoo 7oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (477 Reviews)

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  • 12/6/2013 Buy the conditioner too!!

    rating star By Esther

    I used to just buy this shampoo, trying to save money, i mean this shampoo alone works wonders, but i feel like if you also buy the conditioner that it actually repairs and moisturizes hair rather than the shampoo which i feel gets the chlorine off of the hair!
    I totally recommend both of the shampoo and conditioner 10/10 you won't regret.



  • 9/29/2013 Chlorine Shampoo

    rating star By Judi H.

    I have been using this shampoo when I swim at the pool 5 days a week. I used to be able to purchase it locally. For a while I could not find it until my daughter's HS swim team coach told us about I am so happy to have it again. The bonus, same size, same price as what I used to purchase locally!

    Judi H.
    Surf City, NJ


  • 8/6/2013 The only place I could find it

    rating star By Brent H.

    I've used this for 15 years and this is a place where it is consistently available. The shipping cost makes it a bit pricey.

    Brent H.
    Canton, MI


  • 12/23/2013 Feels Good!

    rating star By zillarunner

    I really like the way my hair feels right when I put it on and after.



  • 11/15/2013 Great Product

    rating star By eddie

    Great proven product that works well for daily use.

    Ringgold, GA


  • 11/7/2013 It's been a big help

    rating star By Patricia McIntuyre

    I have my  hair in the water 10 hours a week. I had done much in the water for years, but not really  had been swimming for a long time. I was able to start swimming again with a snorkel and didn't think anything about my hair. Within a month or more my hair started to feel like straw, breaking off to the root. I ordered this shampoo and the conditioner which has helped a lot. I use a cap now and something my sister game me. I wet my hair put the other product on then my cap. I use Ultraswim shampoo and conditioner when I shower getting out of the pool. I've only been  using it a week and can tell SUCH a difference. I would recommend this product.

    Patricia McIntuyre
    Highland, CA


  • 9/10/2013 Excellent Product

    rating star By lovetoswim

    I wash my hair with it after I swim.  It gets the chlorine feel out of it.
    Sometimes it doesn't totally get the smell of the chlorine out unless I shampoo two or three times.

    Farmington Hills, MI


  • 9/6/2013 Pretty good shampoo

    rating star By Tracy

    This shampoo works pretty good, but it doesn't moisturize your hair as good as it claims to. Also, the bottle is tiny. They really need to put it in a bigger bottle, but I have tried contacting the manufacturer. They are impossible to communicate with and only send you form letters as a response. So, I doubt any changes will ever be made to this product.

    Central Florida


  • 7/17/2013 no more straw hair for blondes

    rating star By knittingj

    Works great with my kids blonde hair that turns to straw with daily  swim team practices.  Helps with the brunettes as well, just not as noticeable.

    Minster, OH


  • 2/8/2014 I love this shampoo

    rating star By Normal 1972

    I love this shampoo because it gets the job done. I recently started to swim again at school twice a week, and I love to shower with this shampoo, it leaves my hair very soft and manageable.

    Normal 1972
    San Antonio, TX


  • 10/27/2013 necessary product

    rating star By Rebecca W.

    The boys need it, and after last season, wouldn't be without it.

    Rebecca W.
    Yakima, WA


  • 9/19/2013 Buy it all the time

    rating star By David B.

    The only shampoo i'll use...

    David B.
    Modesto, CA


  • 6/5/2013 Noticed a difference after the first use!

    rating star By C L

    In March, I started swimming laps twice a week for exercise, and my hair (with highlights) has really taken a beating from the pool chemicals.  I started wearing a swim cap but haven't found one that keeps the water out.  My hair was getting stiff, frizzy and unmanageable.  I saw the reviews for Ultra Swim and decided to try it.  I am so glad I did!  After just one shampoo, I could tell a difference when I dried my hair.  It was much softer and looked better!  I ended up ordering four more bottle because I don't want to be without it!

    C L


  • 8/6/2009 great for color-treated hair

    rating star By Jill A.

    My hairdresser had commented how healthy my hair is. I color it AND swim and the Ultra Swim Shampoo removes the chlorine and keeps it very healthy. Will only use this shampoo. Excellent!

    Jill A.
    Pittsford, NY


  • 8/4/2009 Great Shampoo!

    rating star By Christine

    This shampoo is amazing!  I swim several times a week and have highlighted hair - and this shampoo completely removes the chlorine & leaves my hair soft and silky.  Highly recommend it...

    Suwanee, GA


  • 12/5/2008 Tried & True Favorite

    rating star By mph9

    The only brand I know that really gets the chlorine out.



  • 11/30/2008 Love it

    rating star By Shern

    I have used Ultraswim shampoo and conditioner before, and came to this website to get a new supply.  It has a nice smell, it gets out the chlorine from my hair, and keeps my hair soft. Will buy again.



  • 11/20/2015 It works

    rating star By Sam

    I have used this shampoo for a long time. It works great--takes out the chlorine and leaves your hair nice.

    Alton, IL


  • 10/25/2015 Nothing special

    rating star By T

    I can't say I noticed much difference between this shampoo and its conditioner and my regular suave shampoo + conditioner. In fact, I think the regular combo may be slightly better. This shampoo is a little too watery and doesn't quite lather the way normal shampoo does. Long story short, it isn't terrible to use, but can't say it's worth special ordering either. I'll stick with my suave after this is gone.

    St. Louis, MO


  • 10/22/2015 Good product

    rating star By swim-mom

    I bought this shampoo for my kids who swim all year long.  They really like it and asked me to buy it again because it really helped them get the chlorine out of their hair.  I wish it came in a larger size because it is kind of expensive for the amount you get, but I will continue to buy it because it's effective.

    Rockville MD


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