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TYR Dry Off Sport Towel

TYR Dry Off Sport Towel Reviews

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4.5 star rating (18 Reviews)

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  • 12/21/2011 Dries into interesting shapes

    5 Review stars By Deborah S.

    My son uses this at his diving practices (everyone has one and they generally are given names). Nice size (big enough but not too big), nice color (he got purple). Dries quickly into very strange shapes (whatever you drape it on).

    Deborah S.
    Los Altos, CA


  • 1/20/2014 Great Chamois

    5 Review stars By Jennifer K.

    My son uses this at swim meets. It is small enough to carry to the pool and gets him mostly dried off before going back to wherever his stuff is. He likes to use a bigger beach towel to finish drying off and for warmth but using this first keeps the other towels from getting sopping wet.

    Jennifer K.
    Troy, OH


  • 10/16/2013 Aewsome

    5 Review stars By Chris C.

    Purchased this to save space and weight for hiking and camping.
    You are dry after a few wipes, it packs very small and smaller if you don't use the carry case that it came in.
    Thought about getting the larger size, but not necessary.

    Chris C.
    jacksonville, Fl


  • 2/15/2011 absorbent!

    5 Review stars By jang

    Use it to dry off after swim meets. It is absorbent and soft. Obviously not big enough to wrap up in, but very good at drying.

    Taos, NM


  • 5/14/2016 sport towel

    2 Review stars By sheila

    I was expecting to be bigger.

    watertown ma


  • 9/28/2014 Legit!

    5 Review stars By James P.

    This towel is legit! Don't let it become dry tho because it will be come hard.

    James P.
    Amarillo, TX


  • 12/18/2013 Absorbent!

    5 Review stars By Pam V.

    My 7 year old son uses this towel at swim team practices, meets, and invitationals.  It's very absorbent.  It's also a good size for him.  It's large enough for him to dry off and small enough for him to use.  He has no trouble wringing the water out of his towel by himself.  At meets, it allows him to dry off in between warm-ups and each event without having to drag a dozen towels.  I would have liked more than 2 color options (blue or pink).  I would also like a container that is either a little easier to open or able to attach to a swim bag.  This towel gets the job done!

    Pam V.
    Reading, PA



    2 Review stars By Kristina

    Do NOT wash this towel with any kind of detergent, or it will never be pliable again once it dries out.  I washed it with TIDE FREE detergent and it will now not be bendable if it is dry.  It has about the same consistency as a plaster of Paris cast when it is dry and you have to wet it down in order to even bend it.  They need to fix this problem, or it will not be very useful as a towel.  I would not recommend washing the towel after you get it.  Just keep it in the container that it comes in and maybe spray it with some alcohol in a spray bottle to clean it.

    Las Cruces, NM


  • 12/21/2010 love it!

    5 Review stars By allthatsasz

    I used to always bring two towels to practice- one after I got out of the pool and one for the shower. I thought that this product seemed silly but I got one as a holiday present. It is amazing! I get unbelievably dry and I only have to transport one wet towel back and forth. I strongly recommend!

    Princeton, NJ


  • 7/30/2017 Good product - packaging, not so good

    2 Review stars By KyleLWA

    I have purchased multiple sport towels over the years; given several a gifts.  This time, after removing the plastic package, the towel tore while unfolding it for 1st use.  While the product performs as expected, the idea it torn while unfolding it before first use is irritating.

    Vancouver, WA


  • 11/25/2014 It feels so cool

    5 Review stars By CoryM

    I love how well this towel works at removing water from your skin and hair. It is my new favorite item. It also helps prevent me from walking outside with wet hair in the winter when i don't have time to blow dry it.

    Cincinnati, OH


  • 9/12/2012 THE BEST TOWEL

    5 Review stars By SWIMMER 4 LIFE

    I swim 12 hr a week and this towel has held up nicely. The color also ROCKS!! I highly reccomend it.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 8/14/2012 TYR dry off towel

    5 Review stars By Joshua

    Very happy with it, work really good, drys off pretty fast, easy to store as well, and for the price its totally worth it!!

    Olympia, WA


  • 7/18/2012 Practical and cool colors

    5 Review stars By ZDawgsgal

    This towel is a must for girls/women with long hair. I love mine. Would recommend.

    Monterey, CA


  • 7/18/2012 TYR Dry off Sport Towel

    5 Review stars By Benji

    Awsome quick dry... also price is resonabile... I love swimoutlet online... quick mail...

    Brentwood, CA


  • 9/5/2011 Outstanding towel!

    5 Review stars By Tracey B.

    A great towel.  My daughter loves this towel and uses it every day for diving.  Perfect for pre and post dives.  It's a little larger towel, so that helps.

    Tracey B.
    Dubuque, IA


  • 7/31/2011 Fantastic!

    5 Review stars By mom of a diver

    My daughter uses this during diving practice.  She loves it!!! This little towel is a great product! The price is great!! We would recommend this definintely!!!!

    mom of a diver
    Twin Cities, MN


  • 5/7/2011 Good product

    5 Review stars By kp1

    absorbs a lot of water



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